I can’t turn off data blocking from the t-mobile website profile page


    I was exploring options on the ”my profile” page on the t-mobile website. I turned on the blocking option “block all data”. Now I can’t turn it off. I’ve called support and they can’t help.


    The website activity page creates a customer order each time I select “allow all data” but it’s blank and it never gives me a profile change confirmation like it did when I blocked the data. one rep i called said it errored out but then she said “wait for provisioning”.


    Ive tried changing all these blocking options. They all work except for enabling data. This is a data only plan so it kind of sucks to not have data for three days now. I know, I shouldnt have blocked data but you would think I or a rep could unblock it. I’m 4 days into a monthly data plan and only used 2 days of data. I was experimenting to decide to switch everythimg from att but nobody seems to be able I help.


    Does anyone one on the forum know a trick to unblock my data? I’m on the my profile page. Blocking options. (On t-mobilf website)  It says “block all data” is selected. I select “allow all data” and it says saved. The customer order is created but never any provisioning change like all the other options.


    Im using this on my laptop with an unlocked netgear 313u modem. It was working great right before I blocked data. I’ve tried alternate physical locations for trsting. I also tested my att sim and it wds great.


    I’ve also tried the support messaging feature but it doesn’t work for me. It saye “hey you have a t mobile account.“ and kicks me to the home page. Something is wrong. thanks if you can help 

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