Warranty Exchange- Unacceptable experience


    I'm a 10+ years T-mobile account holder, with  4  lines/accounts (business) in addition to my personal one.


    Let me tell you a story about my experience today, and actually for the past 2.5 weeks, when my phone stopped working properly- You know, the phone i paid full price for.


    For the first time ever, I activated the warrant exchange program as my screen stopped working (Screen)- no issues there, I received a replacement (refurbished) phone within 3 days.


    Bad part, the refurbished phone was defected! So I had a none working phone, replaced with another none working phone! Here I go again, calling customer care, going through the same process I just went through, placing an order to have another phone sent to me, one that hopefully works properly.


    Fast forward 5 days, I received phone- but as i open the box, ITS NOT THE PHONE I HAD! instead of a Samsung, i was sent an LG!


    So guess what, aside from being super pissed about all the time and frustration this is costing me, and not having a proper phone, I now have to call Customer care again, to get a correct phone sent to me.


    This is where things got ugly, and 100% unacceptable- Customer Care advised me that my phone, the Samsung 7, is OUT OF STOCK apparently. Ok, so how do we continue from there? Customer Care tells me I will need to reach into my pocket and upgrade to a Samsung 9 now, in order for them to send me a working phone!  So lets get this straight, I paid full price for a new phone, the phone is defected (not due to any of my wrongdoing), and now I am being asked to purchase a different phone because T-mobile is out of stock on the S7 and cannot send me a replacement one under warranty? Excuse me but that is complete utter nonsense (I wont use other words). This is not how warranty exchange works, and out of GOOD customer service, if you really cant get me the same phone that I purchased, you should provide a free upgrade on your tab, or another solution which is free to me, as I am already paying you for my current phone.


    The Customer rep escalated it , and I was advised a supervisor will call me back because they were currently busy with another customer, that was hours ago, i am not holding my breath for a call anytime soon.


    So this is how a 10+ years count holder is being treated, buyers beware. I will provide updates of my case n so everyone can see how T-Mobile handles this situation.

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      • tmo_mike_c

        Stories like this always break my heart, especially for long time customers. Yikes, sorry this has been such a hassle. Working with our Care folks is the best route to help sort this all out. It's really important that we get you a working phone, and I'm glad you're getting a call back from a sup. Please keep us posted on how things are going. Keep in mind, you can reach out to our T-Force folks through the social media channels on our Contact Us page. They're also really good at helping if things like this happen. I wish this had gone much better for you, but thank you for coming here to tell your story and we'll do everything we can to help you.

          • magenta5588108

            I'm not holding my breath to hear back from a supervisor. I'm also less optimistic about this being settled properly. I wanted to bring this up for others to see how customers are treated.


            If anyone else experienced this before, I'll be happy to hear of the outcome or any tips on how to get proper service.



          • magenta5588108



            It has now been over 24 hours, and no supervisor has made any contact with me.


            I do not have a phone, although I am paying for one, with no solution on the horizon.


            Will update as this progresses!

            • tmo_mike_c



              Just curious if you've gotten in touch with our T-Force team about the exchange? If not, please reach out to them for further help with this. Thanks.

              • magenta5588108



                I have yet to hear back from a supervisor- it is now 5 days past the report.


                I have contacted T-Force via Facebook, as suggested here, and will advise of outcome.

                • magenta5588108



                  As of Friday (7/28/18) this problem has been resolved.


                  T-Force indeed stepped up. I reached out via Facebook, and although it took a several back and forth communication to get this case escalated, a live person did assist me.


                  The resolution that was reached was to my complete satisfaction (Issuing a 100% refund for the original phone as credit to my account.)


                  Although the past 2 weeks were not pleasant, the customer service resolution made up for everything.

                  • magenta5700082

                    I am currently involved with a similar situation. I got a new phone through insurance less that 2 months ago and the screen stopped working.  When I go to assurant they say the warranty is with T-Mobile and there is nothing they can do.  When I go to T-Mobile they offer me a phone that has a smaller screen and less memory but is a model number newer.  That isn’t acceptable to me so then my only options are to buy an new phone at “discounted” rate or continue to pay for service on a phone that doesn’t work in hopes that the one I want come in stock. No one I have talked to knows when it will come in stock or if it ever will.  My family has had a family plan with T-Mobile for 18 years.