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    Dear T mobile team,


    I placed an order for a new line to my existing account and then ordered 2 iphones (1 iphone 8 Plus and 2nd Iphone 8). I ported in a line and traded in a device as part of requirements for the BOGO. While placing the order the agent asked me to pay full price for one of the devices as my credit limit on the account is not exhausted but he said I will still be eligible for the apple BOGO though i paid the full amount and he also told me that I don't need to trade in a device as he is giving me a waiver for that and he told me that he had updated a note on the account so that the promotions team can look into it while they look into the request and the order was placed.

    I received only one email for one of the device and i didn't receive the email for the second device when I asked the agent he said it might take up to 24 hours some times. The next morning i received an email saying the transaction was declined. I called the T mobile help desk and the lady processed the order which was failed and she too said that if I pay the full amount i will be eligible. After some time this request was also denied and I called T mobile again and finally the request was submitted. Even the third time the lady said i was still eligible.

    After couple of days of waiting, I didn't receive the email to mail the trade in device, so when i check back they sent me a label and shipped the device and finally after few days I have to chat with them back to make sure that they received the device. Finally they received the device and said that it was linked to my account and everything was good so that my request will be approved. But to my surprise the request was denied and every agent keep saying that I am not eligible for the BOGO as i paid in full for one of the devices and even the cost for the trade in device was not credited which they did earlier for a different BOGO offer on my account. I keep asking all the agents to listen to the calls that were recorded when i placed the order but no one will do that and simply say we don't have access and every one escapes saying the same reason. I would like to ask what should I do in this scenario and should I return the devices. Please help me.

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      • tmo_marissa

        Re: Apple BOGO was denied

        Oh, yikes, jayaprakash83 -- it sounds like you not only had a trying time getting this order placed, but it's been a huge whirlwind after the fact as well!
        I have to say I'm a little confused about the trade-in situation -- the Buy one Apple iPhone and get $700 off a second promo doesn't require a trade in; was that just something that you wanted to do in addition to the order? I know you mentioned that we sent you your label, what did it look like? Did it have a code on it that starts with TMU? Do you remember where it was addressed to? When you visit MyTMobile, do you see any account alerts for the trade-in that might help you determine what's happening with it at this point?
        The BOGO does require a new line (though not a port-in), so I think you were on the right track there! That said, since the BOGO paid out in monthly EIP credits, it does also require two equipment installment plans. It sounds like you had multiple experiences where this wasn't explained, and I'm so sorry.
        We don't have a secure platform here to take a look at your account notes, but I do think that it's worth reaching out to our T-Force team to see if there's anything we can do to make this right. I can't guarantee that there are any escalation opportunities in this situation, but I feel like it certainly wouldn't hurt to ask! T-Force are fantastic account specialists with a great track record for assisting in unusual situations, so hopefully we can help get to the bottom of this or at least advise whether your best bet in this situation would indeed be a return.

        You can contact T-Force on Facebook using the Messenger or on Twitter via DM! Please keep us posted on how this goes.

          • jayaprakash83

            Re: Apple BOGO was denied



            Even I am confused as every agent gives me different answers. You are confused about trade in and port in and the label T mobile sent, if you are confused on your own policies what is the situation of the customers??. You say trade in & port in are not required, they why T mob agents took an IMEI number and the port in details when i placed the order for 2 devices. I request you to do a research from your end before you reply else you will in a confused status. I request you to check about the Label that was sent to me and then it was linked to my account and you had sent me an email regarding the same. If you stick to your policies then request all agents to stand on the same lines and commit to customers and if there are any exceptions please reject when placing the order itself so that i and your agents don't need to waste time in doing several communications. If on a single issue what ever the mode of communication I do (chat, call or a forum) should provide same info to the customer which is not happening and each different redirects it on to different departments and leave the case with out resolution.

            Agents don't have access to the comments written on the account what others Agents have written then how will the issues get resolved, also you say that a note is updated on the account but how will a customer know whether it is really updated or not. So I request any one in T mob who really looking after this case request you to investigate all the discussions and chats happened till date from the date the order is placed to get a clarity and get a smooth resolution.


            Thank you.

              • tmo_marissa

                Re: Apple BOGO was denied

                Hey there! I totally hear your ask about being able to discuss the same issue across multiple channels, and I definitely don't want you to feel like we're redirecting you out of any kind of laziness or lack of desire to help! In this situation, it's a platform limitation. Our Support Community is a public user forum that's meant to be primarily peer to peer, and it is not a secure platform for account verification. We're not able to safely take your PIN/Passcode and securely authenticate an account to open it up and review notes or history.

                Asking questions about your label was in this case an attempt to see if there is a self-help option you can use to save time -- a trade-in label should be able to be tracked in MyT-Mobile, but a label addressed to a different return center would require an internal team file a Handset Research Escalation. Regarding the BOGO itself, you'll need to work with an internal team -- Care, T-Force, or possibly the Promotion team -- to get to the bottom of this; but I wanted to rule out a way that you might be able to find out more about your trade-in status without reaching out! I'm so sorry if my reply was confusing; that's the last thing you need right now.