I bought a Galaxy J1 off Craigslist.  Who can unlock, T-Mobile or Verizon?


    I bought a cheap J1 from a dude on CL.  I have a Ting Wireless SIM card.  According to Ting's compatibility tool, it's compatible with their network, so I bought a SIM card from them.

    I put it in the J1 and I get a message "SIM card not from Verizon."  There are several Verizon apps on this phone.  I call Verizon, and they can't identify the device as theirs.

    Looking in Settings - System - About phone - Status - the Network is T-Mobile

    So should I call T Mobile?  Think they can unlock this phone and I can continue with Ting?

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      • lmaocean

        Hey there!


        I understand that you'd like to use this phone on Ting's service, but you are unable to.


        Just to let you know, by using the Status option in your menu, the network that shows there does not necessarily mean that it is carrier locked to T-Mobile. It refers to the network the phone is currently connected to. If T-Mobile shows up, that means the device has a T-Mobile SIM card inserted and connected to T-Mobile, unless it has a Ting SIM, then it would be referred to as Domestic Roaming.


        Could you specify the model number of the device? If your J1 has a removable battery, remove it, and the full model number should be on a white Samsung sticker on the device. DO NOT share your IMEI or other numbers on this forum, other than the model number.


        I don't recall T-Mobile ever selling the Galaxy J1 directly from T-Mobile, and since you've mentioned that it has a lot of pre-installed Verizon apps, it points out to me that the device is carrier locked to Verizon, not T-Mobile. Even Samsung's website points out that the J1 is exclusive to Verizon. I'd contact them directly. I'm not sure about Verizon's unlocking policy.


        If you can get back to me with the model number, I'd be happy to look up more info. Keep in mind, I'm not a T-Mobile rep.



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        • tmo_marissa

          Hi hi! Was lmaocean's excellent and thorough response enough to give you the next steps you needed? Please let us know if you're still looking for assistance!