If one was to purchase an Iphone X off a friend who had tmobile and then fully paid it off. But then I buy it activate it with tmobile and go out of the country can i unlock it to use it out of the country?

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      • lmaocean

        Re: Unlock

        Hey there!


        Yes. That is possible. However, there is one thing I recommend you doing before you start traveling out of the US.


        Have the original device owner unlock the device for you, and show you proof that she/he did so. T-Mobile's unlock policy requires that the account associated with the device must not be cancelled and in be in good standing, meaning any bills or such be paid fully before unlocking can happen.


        Check out the full list of device unlock eligibility here.


        I'm not a T-Mobile rep, but if you need to reach one, call 611 from your T-Mobile phone.



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        • tmo_marissa

          Re: Unlock

          Hi, magda75! I hope you're getting a good deal on that iPhone from your friend!
          lmaocean is 100% correct -- to be safe here, you'll want to have your friend unlock the device before you purchase it from them. They can submit the unlock request by reaching out to our Care team over the phoen or T-Force team on Twitter or FB! With an iOS device, it helps to know that the request typically takes 24-48 hours for review, and then an email is sent. If the request is denied, then the email will outline next steps to resolve the eligibility conflict. If the request is approved, then we ask for another 24 hours from the time stamp on that email for Apple to complete the remote unlocking of the iPhone in question. On the back end, we provide Apple with the IMEI (make sure your friend gets this directly from the device when they're submitting the request, as the last digit is dummied out in usage reports) and Apple will update the phone so that upon its next activation it is open to all carriers!

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