Double billing


    On 6/19 I paid my bill using a onetime credit card payment. When I typed #225# there was the usual zero balance after this. A couple days later I check the credit card activity and see that Tmo has double billed me. I’m really confused and after calling Tmo they see nothing like this and suggest I call the credit card company. So I did and they dutifully removed the extra charge with a credit. But I suspect this did not resolve things. Then yesterday I get texts saying my Tmo account is overdue and I call in. It sounds with the rep like she’s going to have us call over to the credit card company together but then she stops and says this is a known issue and I’m not the only customer with this problem. She indicates they’ll resolve it and I don‘t need to do anything. I’m still getting overdue notice texts.


    I don’t have the free time to put another hour or two into resolving this (Which is the amount already put in at this point). I’ve been a customer since it was Voicestream- 19 years.

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      • tmo_lauren

        Re: Double billing

        Thanks so much for reaching out, sorry to see you are having such a weird issue!


        When you look at your bill, did your credit card company reverse both payment charges or just one of the two?



        • tmo_amanda

          Re: Double billing

          Hey, davesmyers!


          Lauren asked a good question that will help us figure out what the next steps are to get your account handled. If you've already taken care of this, awesome! If you're still seeing a past due balance on your phone bill, please get back to us.

          • tmo_marissa

            Re: Double billing

            Good morning! Sorry to read about this billing snag -- I know it's been a few days since your post, how are things going? Were you able to see a single successful charge on your card now, or were both of them removed? Hoping that this has been ironed out, but please let us know if you're still looking for assistance!

            • cderome3

              Re: Double billing

              This happened to me. I paid my balance on October 1st, 2018. Then I was automatically charged a second time for the same balance on October 9th, 2018.  It is very inconvenient and shouldn’t happen in my opinion, automated or not. It’s just lazy on the billing departments half. Not acceptable.

              • ohinn001

                Re: Double billing

                I was double charged too!!! I contacted tmobile yesterday in order to see if i need to repay or if the payment would be reprocessed..i was told to pay again..lo and behold i was double charged..i called to get my money back and was told I would have to wait up to a week for my money and the holiday is next week..i feel like my money was stolen..  you don't take a person's money then make them wait forever before giving it back to them. I wouldn't be so disgruntled if I hadn't asked them beforehand. It was their error, But i am the one penalized