Are existing customers unimportant to T Mobile? (BOGO)


    Am I wrong to think that T Mobile does not care about current customers once they are on the hook? Specifically the BOGO offers it uses to lure more people in. I get it. I understand that a larger customer base equals more revenue for the company but what about the people that got them where they are? When I switched over from Big Red after 19 years I was not In a place financially to take advantage of BOGO. Now that I am ready its like, to late. you're an unfortunate customer now.

    At the risk of sounding ungrateful I must say that a meager free doughnut or something of that sort has that resounding "Let them eat cake " feel to it. C'mon TMO you want to set a trend that assures real customer satisfaction. Treat the customers you have like customers you want.

    We want BOGO too!

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      • gramps28

        Keep following this link for promo's.


        T-Mobile Offer Details

          • currentcustomerneedsbogophonedeal

            The bottom line is that a new customer is required! Sure, I see that is available if you add a line. Which not technically but in essence says, bring us a new customer. Even if I considered adding a new line I happen to be on the 55+ plan which has a maximum of 2 lines ($70 a month) I have 2 lines on it now so I'm ineligible to add a 3rd. To add another line I really don't need I would have to switch to a plan that nearly doubles my bill ($130)  That increase is equal to the cost of 2 new devices without BOGO.

          • tmo_marissa

            Hey, currentcustomerneedsbogophonedeal -- welcome to our Support Community, and thanks for posting! You're right, some of our recent BOGO promos do have an add-a-line requirement -- but we are running an LG promo that doesn't require an added line -- you can take a look at the details here: Buy LG G7 and save up to $750 on select second LG phones. Another rad thing about this promo is that it doesn't require any submission stuff to be completed online -- the back end of our system automatically identifies eligible accounts! I used the June version of this promo myself when upgrading my line and my mom's line to two LG G7s -- nice to see that $30 credit taking care of one of our EIPs this past month! .


            The current Galaxy BOGO we're running does require adding a second line. I can't pretend to know the figures involved when making the call for which promos work which way; but I do know that you're not the only person with this feedback and we're always happy to forward it. In the meantime, we've got the LG BOGO, some great deals on a few solo devices (you can find the important links in our most recent blog: We've got your back for Back-to-School) and gramps28 offered a great link you can bookmark. You can also check out our device deals from the Deals space here on Support: Deals.

            • sandman_

              4 lines

              5 years customer

              No Deal for Current Customer good way  of saying go away we do not need  you ,


              And to top it all off ,,,,,

              The guy in the store said there is a 20 Dollars SERVICE FEE if you talk and buy from T MO STORE

              Sales guy did not even know which PROCESSOR was in The S9+

              When  11 year old ask doe sit also has SNAPDRAGON

              the sales guy asked back "WHAT IS SNAP DRAGON" ?   THAT WAS REALLY FRUSTRATING ( for the 11 years old )


              And these guy want 40 Dollars for SERVICE FEE  ( for 2 Phones)


              Seriously  T Mo must be losing a lot of business like this .

              Got 4 lines and in last 2 years bought 3 phone in AMZN because


              its free shipping no "SERVICE FEE FOR  talking to PHONE SALES GUY who doesn't know what  is a snapdragon.


              And backed by no questions asked return policy


              No mumbo jumbo BLAH BLAH

              Pay up front  get your phone and use it


              Thinking its about time  to switch ...  in next screen already

              • gramps28

                I'm on the 55+ plan also but I did the LG V30 bogo a couple of months ago that didn't require you to add a line.


                That's why you just need to keep an eye on their promo page.

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                • tmo_marissa

                  I hear you, currentcustomerneedsbogophonedeal -- I didn't mean to be vague, you're 100% correct that the Samsung BOGO requires adding a new line, while the LG BOGO I mentioned does not. Your feedback is valuable -- we'll pass it on, and I hope there will be more offers for you to take advantage of in the future.


                  sandman_  I'm sorry that your retail experience wasn't what you expected, or what we'd have liked. We definitely want to be able to give our customers answers for any device questions they might have, whether they're eleven or eighty, and even if we need to look that information up then that still is something we should be doing rather than just saying no.


                  Generally speaking re: device deals; I will say that we largely moved away from routine upgrade discounts when we went no-contract five years ago. The cost of the "upgrade discount" that was offered was built into the plan that customers would have been "renewing" by signing another two year contract while upgrading, so it wasn't really a transparent business model. With EIP and programs like JUMP and JUMP! On Demand, customers can now upgrade when they want to and we're straightforward about the device cost.

                  We do still offer deals; but sometimes there are eligibility requirements that just aren't for everyone (additional lines, or that you be on a certain type of plan). The best I can advise is to keep an eye out for a deal that appeals to you and is cost effective for your particular situation. No matter what, though, I still want you to know that we hear your concern and are happy to forward it.

                    • waterman75



                      I have been with T-Mobile since 2005 and have added lines to the point that I have five lines. Our last add-a-line deal was for the I-Phone SE, we are still using that phone and would love to upgrade four of the SE phones to an XR or XS. Unfortunately I have no use for seven lines and no desire to purchase a phone that will not meet my families needs. As the carrier with the third best US coverage and a competitive market I do not see how pushing away existing customers is a valid sustainable model. Sprint, who has a similar coverage area to yours, is matching your customer cost while offering upgrades without add a line requirements. ATT has better coverage than you at an increase of $15 monthly to our existing bill with new phone options without adding a line. I will not discuss Verizon as I will not use them based on personal principles. I have no real desire to leave T-Mobile, however you may force me away if you continue to neglect existing customers with multiple lines already. I welcome your feedback and suggestions.

                        • eje

                          I 100% agree with you waterman75! I have been a customer since 2001 and have 5 lines. I would also love to upgrade our current iphones with a BOGO or trade in deal to a iPhone XR or XS. I have no use for six or seven lines and no desire to purchase a phone that will not meet my families needs... I will not leave iPhone.


                          I also very much agree with the first comment. I understand that a larger customer base equals more revenue for the company but what about the people that got them where they are? At the risk of sounding ungrateful I must say that a meager free taco, cups, socks, hats, etc. does not compute happy customers. What most CURRENT customers want is BOGO deals, trade in deals, and cheap phone bills. Take all the free stuff and bring back deals that do not require an add a line. Treat the customers you have like customers you want. It is not like the service is number 1 in the country for T-Mobile to stop caring about long term customers. Very pool business model!




                          T-Mobile only seems to care about new customers.I am considering leaving T-Mobile as well because of the neglect to existing customers with multiple lines already.