Rate to make international call with simple choice north america plan?


    The rate was $0.2 /min a couple of month ago, but I was charged $3 /min last time when making a call to China. When google t-mobile international rate, I saw two documents one say $0.2/ min, the other says $3 min. Was the rate changed recently without letting customs know? See the two links below


    Calling Abroad | Stateside International Services | T-Mobile



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      • smplyunprdctble

        Document 1 is if you're in the US making a call to China.  It states the rates as you experienced.  Basically, if you plan on calling China for more than 5 minutes, you're better off adding the $15 plan.

        Document 2 is if you were in China making a call.


        I cannot say whether or not the rates in Document 1 have changed,  I also do not know what requirements a provider has when their international long distance rates change.  Though, I do know there was a change to the rates in the second document (foreign roaming) recently and I got an email.  So, maybe they'd send a mass email if local to international calls rates changed?  I don't know.