Refund timeline?


    I recently noticed a charge on my account for a sync up drive costing me $15 a month since September of 2017. I just noticed it and cancelled it along with two other lines that were on my account for no reason. When I asked why they had been put on the response I got was they had idea. I asked if they would credit the $15 that I had been paying for reason and they told me they could only go back 30 days. Is there a policy on the timeframe that they can go back?

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      • tmo_marissa

        Re: Refund timeline?

        Hey, magenta5573674! I am so sorry to read about this -- I can't speak to how in the world these services had been placed on your account, but I am glad that you noticed them and reached out.
        Our Support Community is a public user forum without a secure platform needed to verify accounts and make changes (or adjustments). According to our T-Mobile Terms and Conditions I believe we require notification of disputed charges "within 60 days after the date you first receive the disputed bill or charge". That said; I do think that it's worth contacting our T-Force team on Twitter or Facebook to see if there's an opportunity to go back any further than this past month. Through DM on Twitter and Message on Facebook, we have the ability to securely verify your account and take a look!