Service cancelled before month is up??


    I'm in the States visiting family for a couple weeks, and last year T-Mobile had a 3-week "Tourist" plan that was exactly perfect for what I needed - 3 weeks of service that automatically cancels at the end of the 3 weeks. I walked into a T-Mobile store when I got here, hoping to pick up the same sort of deal. I was told that it no longer existed, but the very helpful service rep told me to just buy a month, since T-Mobile is non-contract, and cancel before I head back to the UK.

    I'm two weeks in and I have just over a week left, so I called to cancel, expecting to still have service for another 2 weeks (a full month, as I paid for). Instead, my SIM was immediately cancelled. I called back and was told that SIM was now dead - so I paid $50 for 2 weeks of service, and would have to pay another $50 to reactivate that SIM for another month of service, just for the final week I need.

    Seriously, T-Mobile? Why don't you let service go to the end of the month like every single other provider (phones and virtually all other utility services, really) out there? Now I know that next time I come here, I either need to call from the airport just before I head back to the UK, when I'm properly done with my SIM, or just find a different non-contract provider.

    It had been my understanding, from the rep I bought the SIM from and the woman I called to cancel the SIM, that I'd still have service until the month ran out. I'm not paying another $50 for a week of service - that's ridiculous. Is there a way to reactivate my SIM for the next week, or get reimbursed for the 2 weeks I used it, or am I just out of luck?

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        Re: Service cancelled before month is up??

        You certainly should have been given the option for when your cancel would occur.


        There are not any reimbursements for prepaid, the system doesn't even have the option unfortunately. That said, have you had a chance to speak to customer care to see if they have any options to get you a SIM and reactivate? Do you happen to have FB or Twitter where you could reach out to our T-Force team? It's not a guarantee, but it is a possible option.