Customer service supervisor


    I had the worse costumer care ever. I have been looking for answers to avoid getting my account suspended, because I know the charges will kill me. Despite the many times I tried to speak with an agent over the phone or messaging.The all gave me different answers. Long story short the representative told me to wait till my two bills were together to make a payment arrangement that was on july 10th. As he said I was waiting, today I woke up to a $1700 dollars bill including 200 line restoring fees. No matter how many times I called and spoke to many different people they said they couldnt help me with the line restoring fees even though they know the representative game the wrong information. Me trying to get those fees voided since they gave me wrong info, called them spoke with a supervisor called MATHEW a very rude and disrespectful supervisor, whom seem not to care about my concern. Since the moment he picked the phone he was being disrespectful, he sounded as if my situation was funny for him. After being back and forth with him and he being sarcastic. He told that that's money I owe (my bill is one day pass due) and that I have to pay it, that's a service they provided. He sounded very rude, spiteful and careless to my situation.  I believed that's not the right way to answer to my concern. Even though he is totally right, but the way he spoke to me knowing that the representative gave me the wrong information is just not the correct one. I feel really disrespected by Mathew when all I was looking for was for an answer to my concern.

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