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    Hello everyone, is anyone else that you may know of having issues with Assurant who is the company that T-Mobile uses when your phone gets stolen, lost or damaged? My phone was stolen Monday morning July 9th and when I called to file a claim for my phone Assurant charged me 175.00 for my deductible and tole me they would be over-nighting my replacement phone. It is now Friday the 13th and still no phone or any emails from Assurant regarding any tracking information. This is very frustrating since we do so much on our phones in today's fast paced world. I have called and spoke with them 3 times this week and even spoke with a manager who gave me the same answer the regular employees at Assurant did. All they can do is apologize for the inconvenience of me not having my phone. I don't have a Lan line just like many of you do not so unless I'm at home or at work I have no other way to communicate. I'm not going to spend additional money getting a pre paid phone when I already spent 175.00 on my deductible. I have been a T-Mobile customer for 16 years and the only thing that T-Mobile was able to do is credit me the days that I have been with out a phone.....really??? I told the customer service rep for T-Mobile that if I don't get my phone by next week I will be switching carriers. I'm sure I am not the only T-Mobile customer waiting on a phone from Assurant who they partnered with, you would think T-Mobile would add pressure to Assurant since they are the reason many customers like me are un-happy. Maybe this is what Friday the 13th is supposed to bring............nothing but bad luck.

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      • iamacorti30

        Re: Assurant issues

        I just paid for a replacement phone and yet they havent sent an email for my traking information.

        • stevetjr

          Re: Assurant issues

          A couple of things here and I just went thru this again recently, have been with TMO and like you have been a customer for quite some time (it was voice stream when I started);


          They will have sent you an email that you have to fill out for the claim, it is something the insurance company that covers the claims for Assurant does.  Mine went to my spam folder so you might want to check if you haven't already done the form.


          They did add a disclaimer to the overnight when I talked to them and it is actually the same that a lot of companies do and that is it will overnight when the order is processed.  They also mentioned the availability of my phone (GS9+), luckily they had one so 1 processing day from when I e-signed the form.


          As for tracking, I had the tracking number before they sent it because I signed up for a free MyUPS account so as soon as a label is generated with my address the UPS app notifies me.

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          • magenta4101102

            Re: Assurant issues

            I just contacted them to see why I haven't heard anything for two weeks regarding my claim. The rep rudely kept interrupting me as I tried to explain what I did (I guess I interrupted his script), He finally told me my claim was denied in a very condescending tone. Even though I had tried to claim my daughter's phone under her number,  it was only letting me use mine number as the main account line while filing the claim via the website. I was probalby in the wrong, howerver It would have been nice to have been contacted, instead of me having to call them - he made it sound like that was my responsibility also.


            In my duties as a manager with a customer service group one of the departments I am responsible, I have never had to tell my people NOT to interrupt the customer, let them vent and get it over with, then attempt to solve their problem.


            Very disappointed in their service


            now let's see how long it takes

              • magenta5523307

                Re: Assurant issues

                I finally heard from Assurant on Friday, they told me that they apologize

                for not getting my phone out and that it is because they are having issues

                with the warehouse and a new system update. Keep in mind I filed my claim

                Monday morning and my phone was supposed to arrive Tuesday evening.  They

                told me I will get a refund for my deductible and that I should get a check

                in the mail for the retail of my galaxy 8. They said they do not know when

                I would be getting my phone so that's why they decided to refund my

                deductible and send me a check. Supposedly this has never happened at their

                company with all these shipments issues. So I ended up having to buy a new

                phone at Tmobile store since they told me they have no clue when or if I

                would get my galaxy 8. I also called Tmobile and complained and they gave

                me 2 weeks credit for not being able to use my phone so to Assurants

                issues. I would call them back if I were you and speak with a manager. Hope

                this helps.

                  • tmo_lauren

                    Re: Assurant issues

                    Oh man, sounds like this has definitely been a less than ideal situation.


                    Have you received any updates or the device yet?



                      • magenta5523307

                        Re: Assurant issues

                        The last update I got was yesterday that they shipped my phone but I

                        already purchased a new one so they are going to refund me my deductible

                        and mail me a check for the value of my galaxy 8  since at the time they

                        couldn't tell me when I would get my phone.

                          • tmo_lauren

                            Re: Assurant issues

                            That's great they will be providing the device value!


                            It sounds like they have been having some hiccups on their side which we are working to address, I don't have a ton of info as they are an independently operating separate entity, but we are looking into it and I'm sorry it's caused any headaches.



                            • tmo_chris

                              Re: Assurant issues

                              Just checking in here to see how things are going. Did you still have any questions or concerns?

                              • tmo_amanda

                                Re: Assurant issues

                                Hey there, magenta5523307!


                                I wanted to swing by to see if you have any updates for us or if you would considered this issue taken care of. If you have any other questions that we can answer, shoot away -- we're here for you!

                                  • magenta5523307

                                    Re: Assurant issues

                                    Hello Amanda, the issue is now taken care of. I had to purchase a new phone

                                    since Assurant wasn't able to get a phone out to me. They went ahead and

                                    reimbursed my deductible and sent me a check for the value of what my phone

                                    being replaced would cost. Being without a phone for 5 days was definitely

                                    an inconvenience and everyone that I called at Assurant never had a good

                                    answer as to why they couldn't send phones out. They would all say they're

                                    having an update to theyre system and that's why they can't do anything.

                                    Had Assurant not contacted me by the fifth day I would have switched

                                    carriers and dropped T-mobile after 16 years.

                                      • tmo_amanda

                                        Re: Assurant issues

                                        While I'm happy to hear that all is well now, being without a phone for 5 days is in no way ideal. I'm elated that Assurant called back and you're still with our magenta family. Again, this is not a typical situation, as I'm sure you know after being with us for almost two decades. I'm truly sorry that you had to go through this. Please let us know if there's anything else we can help out with in the future.

                            • magenta7543030

                              Re: Assurant issues

                              This is by far the worst insurance company i have ever dealt with they dont like to answer the phone they tried to charge me for a phone i never recieved and upped my déductible i dropped them i will buy another phone before dealing with them again

                              • mwa12345

                                Re: Assurant issues

                                I filed a claim on June 10th, it was approved and I paid the $49 deductible. It's now June 19th and no replacement phone.  They no longer carry the Samsung J7 Prime, so since they have none AND NO PROSPECT OF GETTING ONE, they said after 30 days they will send a similar replacement.  30 days without a phone???


                                They did say we could purchase a new one out of pocket (what exactly was the point of the insurance?????) and they would refund $175 of it within 10 business days.  Not good service AT ALL.  They should send the J3 or J7 Star which is the current equivalent.  And


                                Funny how you don't see anywhere in their marketing that it's a THIRTY DAY replacement period!!  Of course not...

                                • magenta9215976

                                  Re: Assurant issues

                                  Had similar experience with Assurant. They are going to review our claim for 5 days then decide whether to send a phone phone that works. We are paying for the insurance to get a phone when the current one breaks. They gladly take our monthly payments but push back on our insurance claims. Not good. Will use Square trade in the future.

                                  • magenta8998723

                                    Re: Assurant issues

                                    My phone is about 3 weeks old, I have the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus prism White, my infant son accidentally knocked my phone out of my hand causing me to drop my phone resulting in a crack on the front screen. I absolutely love my phone and waited an extra week just for it to get in stock when I purchased the phone. So I figured I would file a claim, When taking into consideration the fact that I pay $15 a month for my premium coverage I thought I would receive exactly that. Turns out it was all a big sham. I pay $15 a month for premium coverage and I can't even get the phone replaced. They sent me a black phone with scratches all over the back, I sent it back in and I told him I want my prism white phone, so they sent me another phone that was blue. I don't understand why they pull this whole we can't guarantee the color thing if I bought a white phone I should receive a white phone simple as that, I even offered to wait on a waiting list until they had it in stock but they were rude and arrogant and snooty. The girl I talked with told me oh well buy a pretty case and hung up on me..