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T-Mobile One Military Double Billing


    On July 9th, we converted out standard T-Mobile Family Plan to the T-Mobile One Military Plan.


    On July 10th, we received two bills. One was for $140.08 for our original plan, the second was for $145 for our new Military Plan (The amount was incorrect, should have been $110, and fixed by chat). The Military plan says "Billing Period July 9th to July 9th." Why am I getting a full month bill for ONE DAY? The chat rep says the new plan is prepaid and the old was postpaid, but if this is prepaid, why would the bill state a ONE DAY billing period?


    Any ideas?

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      • awesomeaaron

        Re: T-Mobile One Military Double Billing

        hey there Topiczj, I had the same issue, but without the awesome military discount plan. Thank you for you service btw. If you changed the plan before you paid your account then there is the issue. So you pretty much got charged for last month and this month since it is prepaid. I don't get that either but isn't both plans prepaid since there is no contract? it's like a new bike that is rented, but in order to ride. There needs to be paid first before you get to ride the new shiny bike. The old bike either didn't get paid yet and they went ahead and charge you for that month on top of your new bike. I know my new shiny bike had a double charge and i was mad. but after figuring out that since i used the line before the bill date for the other bikes. I had to pay them for usaged that month on top of my single bike.