Refill Egift Card Expiration


    When does a refill Ecard expire? 


    i purchased a 10.00 Egift refill card online from Walmart as a test and applied to my balance.  I would like to purchase 3-4 $80.00 refill cards for my prepaid $75.00 account and hold on to them for a few years and use when need.  Or maybe give them away in the future as gifts.


    I believe there is a 90 day expiration, but does that start when I originally purchase the card  online from Walmart?  Or when I apply the pin number to my Tmobile account and redem the card? 




    This from Walmart:

    Redemption Instruction have changed. Please follow the instruction below.

    To redeem this pin:

    1. Dial 1-800-385-1977 from your mobile phone or from any phone.
    2. Enter the pin number when prompted.

    Unused minutes expire 90 days after re-demption

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      • tmo_mike_c

        Re: Refill Egift Card Expiration

        Good question. Since the minutes aren't on your account until after you redeem the card, the 90 day expiration window wouldn't start until after you activated.

          • intanet

            Re: Refill Egift Card Expiration

            So, are you saying the E refill card can be kept indefinitely before activating?  I googled it and, couldn't get any info on this matter.  I only need it to hang around for a few weeks since, I reup on my birthday (in order to remember each year) and, today is cyber Monday November 26th and Target has a bit of a deal for today only.

            Thanks for your help