Usage details missing?


    why are my usage details stating no Record at this time?

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      • dc5fan

        Re: Usage details missing?

        I am taking a guess here. If you are trying to check using the site it is being fixed. There have been problems. Have you tried the T-Mobile app? You might try there. I can't get into the site. Hope that helps.

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        • meghanm127

          Re: Usage details missing?

          I am having the same problem with checking my usage details. My billing cycle does not end for another 2 days, and when I try to check it tells me no records available. I am able to check previous months, just not the current month. It's frustrating and I'm getting annoyed because I am getting a different answer every time I ask about it. First it was a system update and it would be available in 2-4 hours (that was over 24 hours ago), then it was an outage, then it was they don't know and have to put in a ticket. Best part is, they can't give me an estimated time frame of when the ticket will be worked on, and they will not contact me once it is corrected. I have to just continue to check periodically. Which frustrates me even more when I check and it still states no records available.


          I commented on another thread about this (one that states people were having this same exact problem in Oct 2017 and it took a month and longer to correct) and said that I rarely have a problem with my service or T-Mobile in general, but it seems like when I do have an issue, I can never a definite reasoning or the issue corrected in a timely manner. I like to check the usage of my teens' lines while I am at work and I should be able to access this feature without issues, or at least with a clear answer of when it will be corrected. I feel like because T-Mobile looks at the issue as a low priority, we are pushed off to the side and given whatever answer it takes to keep us quiet for a little longer.

          • magenta5512264

            Re: Usage details missing?

            I am having the same problem, and have reported it for 2 days now. Is it very frustrating, even more frustrating that they took the feature away on the app too!

            • tmo_mike_c

              Re: Usage details missing?

              I appreciate everyone hoping on this thread. I wanna make sure folks have gotten this issue addressed and you're able to get to your details. Please let us know if you need help. Thanks.