Usage details missing?


    why are my usage details stating no Record at this time?

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      • dc5fan

        Re: Usage details missing?

        I am taking a guess here. If you are trying to check using the site it is being fixed. There have been problems. Have you tried the T-Mobile app? You might try there. I can't get into the site. Hope that helps.

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        • meghanm127

          Re: Usage details missing?

          I am having the same problem with checking my usage details. My billing cycle does not end for another 2 days, and when I try to check it tells me no records available. I am able to check previous months, just not the current month. It's frustrating and I'm getting annoyed because I am getting a different answer every time I ask about it. First it was a system update and it would be available in 2-4 hours (that was over 24 hours ago), then it was an outage, then it was they don't know and have to put in a ticket. Best part is, they can't give me an estimated time frame of when the ticket will be worked on, and they will not contact me once it is corrected. I have to just continue to check periodically. Which frustrates me even more when I check and it still states no records available.


          I commented on another thread about this (one that states people were having this same exact problem in Oct 2017 and it took a month and longer to correct) and said that I rarely have a problem with my service or T-Mobile in general, but it seems like when I do have an issue, I can never a definite reasoning or the issue corrected in a timely manner. I like to check the usage of my teens' lines while I am at work and I should be able to access this feature without issues, or at least with a clear answer of when it will be corrected. I feel like because T-Mobile looks at the issue as a low priority, we are pushed off to the side and given whatever answer it takes to keep us quiet for a little longer.

          • magenta5512264

            Re: Usage details missing?

            I am having the same problem, and have reported it for 2 days now. Is it very frustrating, even more frustrating that they took the feature away on the app too!

            • tmo_mike_c

              Re: Usage details missing?

              I appreciate everyone hoping on this thread. I wanna make sure folks have gotten this issue addressed and you're able to get to your details. Please let us know if you need help. Thanks.

              • tmo_amanda

                Re: Usage details missing?

                Happy Wednesday, Everyone!


                Just wanted to swing by to see if everyone is able to see their usage details online now (we've passed along feedback regarding the details being removed from the app). Please keep us updated if this is still going on.

                • magenta6950672

                  Re: Usage details missing?

                  I'm having this issue also! What is going on?

                  • magenta7339506

                    Re: Usage details missing?

                    This is so fustrating.  The details in my "Usage" is not working either.  I have written three times to T-Mobil support team and each time they reset it and it works for one log in and does not work again.  The answers they have have given me range from we have a problem and working on it to it must be your internet set up.  Both answers are unexceptable since I have tried on several different interenet servers that are available to me and secondly if you have a problem then fix it, because I am going on day two now and not happy that I cannot see my "Usage".  Furthermore, since your mobil update no one is able to see their details in "Usage" so that option is now out and I am overseas at the moment and can not use the call option.  PleaseT-Mobile get yourselfs together.