Not receiving verification texts --NOT using DIGITS


    I am not receiving verification texts. My bank requires verification and I never receive the texts I have to use email. How do fix this?

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      • tmo_chris

        Hey elvisjay 


        I sincerely apologize but DIGITS does not support short code messaging at this time.


          Was there ever a resolution?   I am having the same issue of not receiving verification or authorization texts from my security company, bank, etc. 


          Can someone post directions on what to do?

          • weezie44

            Same issue here. Super frustrating!

            • bill21128

              I am also having this problem and is causing the same issues while trying to verify with my bank. Did anyone ever come up with a solution

              • magenta5813509

                Only way to fix this is to call tmobile and they have a seperate option from you to fix the problem!

                • flyinfool2

                  I called customer support, they fixed the issue in less than 5 minutes.

                  • mus

                    Re: Not receiving verification texts --NOT using DIGITS

                    Also a problem for me.  I've had problems receiving confirmation texts for years, e.g. frrom HOSPITALS (!!!) to confirm things.  I probably do have some level of blocking on my account, due to T-Mobile slamming me several times for services I never subscribed to - that's your fault, not mine.  Due to previous problems with T-Mobile slamming me, I'm loath to remove any protections, as I've had no issues since the blocks were put into place.


                    Again, ball's in your court, T-Mobile. It took a complaint to the FCC the first and second time I was slammed to resolve this.  Do I really need to open myself up to slamming in order to get confirmation texts?

                    • billet370

                      I created this account just to complain  About the same issue.  I. Goi am going through this as we speak and have been with it verification texts.  I have no what other texts I'm not receiving but tmobile I dont need you to parental control my accoun granting me access to what texts are allowed and arent allowed.  I'm a 33 year old man so give me freedom.  Geez.  Netflix verification code, bbt  verification code, paypal, you not have a safe list of the billion dollar fortune 500 type companies in your database or a user tab where customers can control these "blocks"  become proactive, not reactive.  Live up to your former standards and you may retain those customers you won over from the former big 3. 

                      • tmo_chris

                        Hey everyone! We see that this post is still getting some views and we want to make the resolution to this issue more visible so I am going to mark this answer correct and it will be displayed at the very top of the thread.


                        For this specific issue, there are a few things we will need to check on the account side to ensure there is nothing preventing you from receiving these kinds of verification short codes. Some things like your specific rate plan or even a blocking feature on your line may be causing this issue and that is a very simple fix.


                        If there is no apparent reason you should not be receiving these verification texts or short codes, we have a process in place to notify our engineering teams via a trouble ticket so that we can take a closer look at the back end of the network to see where the hang up is.

                        The most common issue is a blocking feature that is on your specific line, this feature can be removed entirely so that all your verification texts come through. Now I know what you are thinking, “if everything is open, then anyone can send me short codes.” That is true but we also have the ability to black list specific short codes so that you can still receive your verification text messages but keep the bad ones at bay.

                        With all of that said, we do need access to your account in order to visually audit what the root of the issue is and here on a public community forum, we unfortunately do not have a secure way of verifying you. Never fear though, you can always reach out to us over the phone or on Facebook/Twitter (using the links in my signature) and our experts can get you all taken care of.

                          • joygodsservant

                            I've had the same problem with verification texts for months.  Just never thought to look it up and try to get them fixed.  Today I did and came across this thread.  I immediately called the 611 T-Mobile customer support.  The Care Team said it was a block on my line from when these kinds of texts (short-number texts) used to have an additional cost associated with them.  They removed the block while I was on the phone and now I'm getting my verification texts just fine. I saw several people didn't have the kind of excellent service we've received since coming to T-Mobile, so wanted to add my great experience into the listing here.


                            We left ATT because their service was SO SO bad and provided from overseas where accents and language cadence made understanding the help tech a painful experience.  I love it that our T-Mobile team is not only in the USA, but actually in our own city.  Every time I call them my issue gets resolved quickly, easily and without having to follow one of those onerous scripts where the help desk person is not allowed to "jump ahead" and just fix the problem.


                            I love T-Mobile.

                          • t.huadriguez

                            I had the same issue of not getting verification codes. I called Tmobile today and they found that my line was blocking third party messages. Once they removed the block, i got the verification codes i needed.

                            • magenta9766847

                              I seem to be able to get some verification codes. Capital One NEVER seems to work.
                              I only recently switched to T-Mobile and so not sure what else works / fails

                              • youzhou2000

                                it is opposite for me. I can receive the verification texts but I cannot receive or send any paid texts, when people sending me texts the got unable to deliver notification immediately, I called and said had a ticket working on, but never resolve for me, it is almost a months now.