Shipping Address Changed When Billing Updated


    So I just ordered new phone and I double checked the shipping address initially but after signing I had to update the billing address (I'm in the midst of moving so things are changing around) and all the sudden the shipping address is some weird hybrid of the billing address and the desired shipping address.


    I was literally just shown the order status page after placing it so what's the quickest way to make sure the device isn't shipped to the wrong address? (I mean if it was USPS it would forward but it's not).  I tried calling but the call center isn't open yet.  Should I just wait.  (Ok, I realize this will probably be moot by the time it's answered but I'm asking anyway).


    Is there any way to just have the shipping address changed without going through all the resigning and the like?-




    Suggestion: add an undo this action button since your UI encourages mistakes like this.  The last action to finalize the order is the same action which checks you entered your credit card and billing address correctly (at least for me it was...maybe it depends on past choices).  This means if you have to fix mistakes like a mistyped CCN the moment you get past this hurdle things are finalized.  Indeed, I don't even remember seeing the shipping address on these final (after signing) pages but I may have missed it.