Prepaid data plans misleading?




    I was lured by the page offering 2GB of DATA for $10 a month. A bit more description copy/paste:

    "SIMPLE CHOICE PREPAID MOBILE INTERNET Data for your device starting at $10/month. Get more out of your tablets, hotspots, and wearables with 4G LTE data that goes with you. No annual contracts. No credit checks."


    The lowest option they have there: "$10 Choose how much data you want. Use up to 2GB of 4G LTE data a month."


    However when I try to switch to it using my mobile online access the minimum option is $20 per the same 2GB.


    Am I understanding tariffs wrongly?


    Phone support routed me three times and gave no answer claiming they don't know what I am talking about. The last line of support couldn't even access that page to confirm and simply disconnected me. Experience was atrocious to say the least.


    PS the added pain is that you can only do online access when online via 4g and can't do it from wifi.



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      • tmo_lauren

        Re: Prepaid data plans misleading?

        Hmm, I just went through the whole checkout process and it's allowing me to choose the $10 plan, no issues.


        Are you ensuring to choose "mobile internet" plan when getting to the choose a plan page after the SIM selection?


        Are you seeing charges for a SIM card or SIM starter kit in the basket? Because those can be required as well depending on the situation, however the rate plan itself should still just be the $10. This is just for tablets, hotspots, and wearables. Are you entering an IMEI or selecting an actual phone of any kind that could also be making this an issue?



          • magenta5500119

            Re: Prepaid data plans misleading?

            I don't buy a sim anymore as I have one. I bought one in the store and they sold me a $10 1GB plan which however lasted _1 week_, not one month and not 2GB as advertised. So it was just a 1GB one week data addon (Prepaid plans ). I don't think they had a $10 per month option though as a person behind a counter got a bit confused when I said $10. I only realized the situation later so I needed to switch and it wouldn't let me. I just tried "Add/Change monthly plan" again and what I see (I don't see $20/2GB plan anymore as I am on it now):

            - 2GB/$20*

            - 6GB/$35

            - 10GB/$50

            - 14GB/$65

            - 18GB/$80

            - 22GB/$95


            What we see in Prepaid internet is


            - 2GB/$10

            - 6GB/$25

            - 10GB/$40

            - 14GB/$55

            - 18GB/$70

            - 22GB/$85


            Which is consistently $10 less than what I can chose from. On Prepaid internet I do not see any conditions as to why there would be an increase in prices above that level.


            Has change plan menu get outdated and is inconsistent with plans? Are there any hidden conditions? Am I on the wrong plan or something?

              • tmo_lauren

                Re: Prepaid data plans misleading?

                There shouldn't be an increase beyond those!


                It may be that the plan is only available online, there are some plans not available in store. Just to confirm, you are attempting to use this with a Mobile Internet device only, correct? Not with a phone?



                  • magenta5500119

                    Re: Prepaid data plans misleading?

                    Thanks Lauren,


                    whatever happened in store is now in the past As long as I can _move_ to the right plan.


                    The store had no internet device on sale available so I plugged it into an old phone for a test temporarily and then discovered that debacle. Also TMO online access wouldn't let me change a data plan from anywhere but the mobile network. (I can login online, but to be routed to the "data" view I have to be on TMO network for some reason) so I have to do it via the phone right now anyway.

                      • tmo_lauren

                        Re: Prepaid data plans misleading?

                        The rate plan for 2GB $10 will only be compatible with a WiFi only device, the system will see the device as a phone and won't be compatible with a non internet only device, so that may be part of our issue. If the device is voice capable, even if not planning to be used as such, it won't show the plan as an available option.



                • magenta6108800

                  Re: Prepaid data plans misleading?



                  I am currently on the prepaid $10/month data only plan (SIMPLE CHOICE PREPAID MOBILE INTERNET) using my iPad. I had no problems setting this up in the Tmobile NYC Headquarter store. After setup, I cannot create an online profile to check my usage or pay my bills. Even in the store, they were not able to help me as the calls were routed around the world without success.


                  I'm still unable to check my usage or manage my account online with any method. What are my solutions? Frankly, I don't think spending hours on the phone will resolve this issue.

                  • barcodeable

                    Re: Prepaid data plans misleading?

                    I am not familiar with Prepaid plans (im sorry) I have never used prepaid plans with T-Mobile but I can only add what information i gathered personally. With Simple Choice Postpaid Mobile Internet accounts the account holder gets a $10 credit towards the cost of the Mobile Internet line and unfortunately will not show up online in your MyAccount. You will see the credit on your bill. I have 5 mobile internet lines and the cost that is displayed is $20/2GB....... $35/6GB..... etc., i have three (2GB) Lines and two (6GB) Lines.... and i get a $10 credit for all of my mobile internet lines.


                    Someone should explain things better or even set you up with what you are asking for and stop giving you the run around. As i said... im not familiar with how prepaid works.... and im unsure if the T-Force customer service reps via twitter/facebook handle this type of issues with “prepaid” accounts.


                    Have you thought about getting a postpaid mobile internet line?

                    I would suggest to get a postpaid internet line vs prepaid lines before T-Mobile remove features from the current plans. 

                    Postpaid mobile internet lines are not the same as Prepaid Mobile internet lines...