Prepaid data plans misleading?




    I was lured by the page offering 2GB of DATA for $10 a month. A bit more description copy/paste:

    "SIMPLE CHOICE PREPAID MOBILE INTERNET Data for your device starting at $10/month. Get more out of your tablets, hotspots, and wearables with 4G LTE data that goes with you. No annual contracts. No credit checks."


    The lowest option they have there: "$10 Choose how much data you want. Use up to 2GB of 4G LTE data a month."


    However when I try to switch to it using my mobile online access the minimum option is $20 per the same 2GB.


    Am I understanding tariffs wrongly?


    Phone support routed me three times and gave no answer claiming they don't know what I am talking about. The last line of support couldn't even access that page to confirm and simply disconnected me. Experience was atrocious to say the least.


    PS the added pain is that you can only do online access when online via 4g and can't do it from wifi.



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      • tmo_lauren

        Re: Prepaid data plans misleading?

        Hmm, I just went through the whole checkout process and it's allowing me to choose the $10 plan, no issues.


        Are you ensuring to choose "mobile internet" plan when getting to the choose a plan page after the SIM selection?


        Are you seeing charges for a SIM card or SIM starter kit in the basket? Because those can be required as well depending on the situation, however the rate plan itself should still just be the $10. This is just for tablets, hotspots, and wearables. Are you entering an IMEI or selecting an actual phone of any kind that could also be making this an issue?