Galaxy S7 edge Oreo update


    Hi all,

    My phone model is SM-G935T which was unlocked from T-Mobile when running on build G935TUVS4BRC1. Now, I am no more with t-mobile SIM and put in other carrier SIM. But it is not working when I update to the new OTA update G930TUVU4CRF1. Not sure whether it is looking for an unlocked firmware or something. I just did OTA and installed the update and found that it is throwing "mobile not registered error". I had to flash G935TUVS4BRC1 again to make it work.


    Appreciate any help on this to get this updated to new build.

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      • tmo_chris

        Re: Galaxy S7 edge Oreo update

        Hey shanthij


        Unlocking your phone would not cause you to not receive an update. However, flashing different roms might cause your phone to not be able to get the latest updates. The latest version we support is G935TUVU4CRF1 and as long as your phone is on G935TUVS4BRC1 you should be able to update with no issues.

        G930TUVU4CRF1 is the update for the S7, not the S7 EDGE. Did you receive G930TUVU4CRF1 as part of the OTA? What happens when you check for the OTA now?

          • shanthij

            Re: Galaxy S7 edge Oreo update

            Hello Chris,

            Thanks for the reply. yes it is still showing firmware G935TUVU4CRF1 in OTA. I am able to update to this firmware successfully but the problem is I am not able to make any calls. It is giving "Not registered on network" error.

              • tmo_chris

                Re: Galaxy S7 edge Oreo update

                That is so strange! I know you said you no longer have a T-Mobile SIM card but do you know anyone who does? I would like to try having you update to the latest build and then trying a T-Mobile USA SIM card in the phone to see if the issue persists.