Rebate submissions disappear from the promotions status webpage


    I submitted my rebate promotion for the Father's day Costco iPhone $700 back offer.  I submitted on 6/19 and have the tracking ID.


    I've been watching the status every few days since submission.  This week (week of July 8), my submission disappeared from the tracking page.

    I talked to the rebate promotions staff and they could not find the rebate via the tracking ID I provided.  I have a screenshot from the web page acknowledging that I finished my submission so I know the tracking ID is correct.


    Why did it disappear and even the promotions department cannot find the submission via the tracking ID??

    They recommended I re-submit for the rebate online. I did that yesterday 7/10.  24 hours later, I cannot locate the rebate submission via the new tracking number I received.


    What is going on here?



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