Phones are not ringing - Sprint device brought to T-Mobile


    I have a Galaxy S7 and a LG V20 that were originally purchased with Sprint.   When that contract was up, we moved to T-Mobile, and was told that the devices were fully compatible.   That turned out not to be the case, as we have network issues fairly consistently.  I understand why that's the case (because of the different bands, etc).   What I don't understand though is why a significant portion of inbound phone calls never ring.  The calls also don't show up in the Missed Calls queue under the phone icon.


    The only way I know I missed a  call is through a Phone Fusion VM forwarding app.  It will send me an email and alert on my phone when a call is missed.   I will literally be sitting with my phone, ringer on, and the app will tell me I just missed a call two seconds ago (that never rang).

    At first I thought it was the app, not ringing my phone, but I uninstalled it and had the same problems (but with no notification this time).   Because this is happening on two different model phones, it leads me to believe it's a network carrier issue, instead of a hardware or app issue.


    Does anyone have any solutions to get the phone to ring when an incoming call is made?


    For the record, I've also tried T-Mobile's voicemail app. The calls don't show up there. It's as if the call never happened. No ring, no record, no VM.

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