Travelling to Mexico roaming question


    I am on the T-Mobile One including the plan without borders. I am going to Mexico and I just want to know if there any settings I need to change once I land in Mexico or talk, text and data will just automatically work? Thanks!

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      • tmo_lauren

        Re: Travelling to Mexico roaming question

        Depends on the device, but in most cases, it should be a pretty seamless transition!


        Another thing to ensure is that you don't have any international blocks on your account! These will not appear by default, so if you don't recall adding them to the account, it's unlikely they'd be there at all!


        What device are you planning to use while traveling?



        • magenta5517173

          Re: Travelling to Mexico roaming question

          It depends on the device. For example I'm using revel plus. Every time I changed cell tower in Mexico and central America my phone beeps. It asks me if I want to turn on mobile roaming I have to push yes and then it asks me if I'm sure I could incur international roaming charges. I have international roaming and calling. It's a very unsafe to use Google maps while driving.

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