Unable to select mutiple contacts on gmail app on GalaxyS9


    I am unable to select to mutiple contacts on the gmail app when sending an email to mutiple persons on the Galaxy S 9.

    Any suggestions would be welcome.



    Renuka Yoga

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      • tmo_marissa

        Hey there! This is a strange one -- let me make sure I understand what's happening.

        You open the GMail app and hit the pencil icon in the lower right of the inbox to create a new message.


        In the To box, are you typing the beginning of contact's names? Is it not allowing you to enter more than one?


        If this isn't the process you're following, could you fill in some more detail for me? I'm using an LG G7 with 8.0 and am happy to test to see what my experience is!

        • rpyoga

          Thanks,  the process is exactly as you described.

          In the GMail app when I select the penciland select " Add from contacts" ( "..." top right corner) it only allows me to select one contact at a time  which is not practical if you want to send an email to mutiple contacts.

          I took it to the TMobile store and the guy tried to help   me but could not, he suggested using the Samsung email app which allows you to select mutiple contacts in one go.

          I had a Galaxy S6 before I upgraded to the S9 3 months ago and never encountered this issue.



            • tmo_marissa

              Welp, mine is doing exactly the same thing. When I hit Add From Contacts from the menu in the upper right; I am not able to select multiple contacts -- I choose one and it returns me to the draft. I can then hit Add From Contacts a second time; but I think I understand what you're saying -- previously, it would allow you to choose multiple contacts before returning to the draft, right?

              It looks like this is either part of the 8.0 update -- or part of this specific version of the GMail app. Are you trying to send to the same group of people each time, or is this a group message you'd need to modify? I am wondering if it would help to create a group in Google Contacts that you could email using their label. I found some instructions to do that and then email the group here: Group contacts - Contacts Help  -- it might be worth a shot?