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not authorized to access this account.



    I created an online account for the new number. However i keep getting "You are not authorized to access this account." page when I tried to log in. Looks the error is due to this API call:

    Status Code:


    400 Unauthorized


    "errors" : {

    "error" : [{"userMessage":"Bad Request","systemMessage":"target_app::UI;error_message::Missing/Invalid customerId","code":"FACADE-0012"}]




    Can you investigate what's wrong and fix it?Thanks

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      • tmo_amanda

        Re: not authorized to access this account.

        Hey, cyb1113!


        Welcome to our Support Community! Let's see if we can get to the bottom of this. Did you have a previous account with us that used the same email address? Are you the account owner? We may need to work with Tech Care to get a ticket filed with our web engineers.

        • echzhen

          Re: not authorized to access this account.

          I have the same issue. I just switched from ATT and I think it's ridiculous that I already filed two tickets and still nothing.

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          • cyb1113

            Re: not authorized to access this account.

            I was told the ticket number is 20525624. Can you follow up and get it resolved? Thanks!

            • emde-1

              Re: not authorized to access this account.

              (please remove my previous post, thanks, i corrected/detailed)


              Hello T-Mobile reps/agents/specialists,


              i'm having same/similar ERROR/PROBLEM in TWO OTHER T-MOBILE accounts !! !! while trying to login.

              TMo agent/reps please help+dm.


              TLDR : please help me/us to login properly into our other TWO different prepaid tmobile accounts.


              T-Mobile ID or account creation, etc did not work properly since last week or few weeks.


              One $9.99 PrePaid T-Mobile SIM was purchased from T-Mobile for a Phone-device with $3/month Pay-As-You-Go plan (total price/charge was around ~$13.96), and i/we used a different/2nd email-address for this phone's t-mobile account.

              And another similar PrePaid T-Mobile SIM was purchased for a T-Mobile HotSpot-device with same plan & price/charge, but with yet another/different/3rd email-adrs.


              None worked initially ! Even after SIM package shows "New One Step Activation: JUST INSERT THE SIM AND GO ! NO CALL NEEDED" (TMDTCPPDSTKR).


              Had to call into your/TMobile activation/sales dept for the Phone's SIM account, your (out-sourced) TMobile reps/agents could not find your/TMobile's own SIM info in TMobile's own database !! !!

              TMobile reps kept on transferring me from one rep/agent into another for 7 to 8 times/persons, around 50 minutes i was (actually we were) in phone line, and NO REAL SOLUTION was given to me/us, and instead we were given FALSE ASSURANCEs/PROMISEs/SOLUTIONs BY TMOBILE REPs/AGENTs.

              they told us to wait for few days.

              we called again after few days, again we were in line for around 50 minutes, with same end-result as last time.

              And then we had to spent yet another day with TMOBILE sales/support/activation DEPT rep/agent, this time for around TWO AND A HALF-HOURs !!! again same as last time, but at-least 1 outsourced tmobile rep/agent verified that one of the account (for phone SIM) was appearing as active, but when he transferred me/us to the next rep/agent, we again found out, SIM/account's full-functionalities are still not 100% assured/certain !!!


              on the other hand, i/we tried to create TMobile-ID account : i/we clicked on the "MY T-MOBILE" button shown on your subdomain website, then it goes into subdomain website, then clicked-on "Sign-Up" button, then it could not signup/register account for me/us, it showed message that the 10 digit T-Mobile number is wrong or NOT-RECOGNIZED !!! but thats what we were given when we ordered SIM in your/TMobile's prepaid website !!!  very very strange !! !! !!


              Online signup,login,etc attempts were tried/made from Firefox web-browser v56, and v61.0.1 on macOSX based computer, we also tried T-Mobile app on the Android phone (for one of the account), we also tried Firefox v61.0.1 from Windows10 computer. All shown almost similar (but not exactly-same) error/result/messages.


              So we came to this subdomain website to signup & look for online support, the registration/signup succeeded for one of those TWO accounts (which is for the T-Mobile HotSpot device), but still with some type of errors.


              Our both device finally started to WORK (that is, devices have finally shown "T-Mobile" signal & word, instead of nothing or "No signal") around (more or less) 2 days earlier from now, ("now" means when i posted this message here in this tmobile support/forum). Both received text/sms info from T-Mobile, displaying/confirming the pre-assigned phone-number and T-Mobile account's associated/linked email-address.


              So then, i+we again tried to register/SignUp many times for those TWO tmobile-SIM accounts using account's designated/linked email-address or assigned-phone-number. Various errors/messages were shown to me/us, (one of the common error message was that, the typed/provided T-Mobile's phone number is not a correct number or not recognized !!! ) , but ultimately TMobile online signup system at one point allowed to proceed little further : it accepted the same phone-number, and also auto sent a free SMS with a code-number in it, & asked me/us to get/enter/verify it into online, in order to verify the phone-number/account, When me/we entered the Text/SMS code from received Text/SMS into TMobile online, then website shown error message similar to what the original-poster has shown !! (see below)


              in my/our case, Error message is shown here:

              where MMM is the prefix-code after the area-code "213", & the PPPP is my/our phone-number, & N digits appear to be hex-digits.


              And exact ERROR MESSAGE IS/WAS:


              "Oh no!

              You are not authorized to access this account.

              If you are the account owner, please dial 611 from your T-Mobile phone or 1-877-778-2106 from a non T-Mobile phone.

              You can also use one of the links below to continue:

              Our home page

              Shop our online store

              My T-Mobile

              Contact us"


              in one of the last phone-call (next day of the 2-1/2 hours long call), your/TMobile rep/agent told me/us that, for one of our account they created a ticket, but we were not given the ticket code !! even after asking for a ticket/reference/etc code, we were not given a code ! ! instead we were told by TMobile rep/agent that this problem was noted & entered into the TMobile PrePaid Support Dept's computer system for "higher level" agent/rep to fix, and that they/TMobile may/will need to delete the tmobile account from PREPAID subdomain section of the website, and then inform us to allow to re-create/re-signup an account(TMobile-ID) again in PREPAID subdomain website with same designated/linked email-address, which was also used in SUPPORT subdomain (without deleting SUPPORT subdomain's tmobile account).


              Thanks in advance, for your any helpful response+solution.

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              • myko_p

                Re: not authorized to access this account.

                Hello there,

                I got the same issue with my prepaid T-Mobile online account. I created an online account for my newly purchased T-Mobile number. However every time I try to log in I keep getting "You are not authorized to access this account." page when.

                I had 2 phone calls with the T-Mobile Support team members, one conversation with the T-Mobile representative in the store I purchased my prepaid SIM, two conversations in the T-Mobile Facebook support team, all related to this issue and all they try to do (deleting my account and setting up new one, resetting PIN etc.) just didn’t work.

                How did you guys resolved this issue? I am so tired  


                Community, please help!