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not authorized to access this account.



    I created an online account for the new number. However i keep getting "You are not authorized to access this account." page when I tried to log in. Looks the error is due to this API call:

    Status Code:


    400 Unauthorized


    "errors" : {

    "error" : [{"userMessage":"Bad Request","systemMessage":"target_app::UI;error_message::Missing/Invalid customerId","code":"FACADE-0012"}]




    Can you investigate what's wrong and fix it?Thanks

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      • tmo_amanda

        Re: not authorized to access this account.

        Hey, cyb1113!


        Welcome to our Support Community! Let's see if we can get to the bottom of this. Did you have a previous account with us that used the same email address? Are you the account owner? We may need to work with Tech Care to get a ticket filed with our web engineers.

        • echzhen

          Re: not authorized to access this account.

          I have the same issue. I just switched from ATT and I think it's ridiculous that I already filed two tickets and still nothing.

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          • cyb1113

            Re: not authorized to access this account.

            I was told the ticket number is 20525624. Can you follow up and get it resolved? Thanks!

            • emde-1

              Re: not authorized to access this account.

              (please remove my previous post, thanks, i corrected/detailed)


              Hello T-Mobile reps/agents/specialists,


              i'm having same/similar ERROR/PROBLEM in TWO OTHER T-MOBILE accounts !! !! while trying to login.

              TMo agent/reps please help+dm.


              TLDR : please help me/us to login properly into our other TWO different prepaid tmobile accounts.


              T-Mobile ID or account creation, etc did not work properly since last week or few weeks.


              One $9.99 PrePaid T-Mobile SIM was purchased from T-Mobile for a Phone-device with $3/month Pay-As-You-Go plan (total price/charge was around ~$13.96), and i/we used a different/2nd email-address for this phone's t-mobile account.

              And another similar PrePaid T-Mobile SIM was purchased for a T-Mobile HotSpot-device with same plan & price/charge, but with yet another/different/3rd email-adrs.


              None worked initially ! Even after SIM package shows "New One Step Activation: JUST INSERT THE SIM AND GO ! NO CALL NEEDED" (TMDTCPPDSTKR).


              Had to call into your/TMobile activation/sales dept for the Phone's SIM account, your (out-sourced) TMobile reps/agents could not find your/TMobile's own SIM info in TMobile's own database !! !!

              TMobile reps kept on transferring me from one rep/agent into another for 7 to 8 times/persons, around 50 minutes i was (actually we were) in phone line, and NO REAL SOLUTION was given to me/us, and instead we were given FALSE ASSURANCEs/PROMISEs/SOLUTIONs BY TMOBILE REPs/AGENTs.

              they told us to wait for few days.

              we called again after few days, again we were in line for around 50 minutes, with same end-result as last time.

              And then we had to spent yet another day with TMOBILE sales/support/activation DEPT rep/agent, this time for around TWO AND A HALF-HOURs !!! again same as last time, but at-least 1 outsourced tmobile rep/agent verified that one of the account (for phone SIM) was appearing as active, but when he transferred me/us to the next rep/agent, we again found out, SIM/account's full-functionalities are still not 100% assured/certain !!!


              on the other hand, i/we tried to create TMobile-ID account : i/we clicked on the "MY T-MOBILE" button shown on your subdomain website, then it goes into subdomain website, then clicked-on "Sign-Up" button, then it could not signup/register account for me/us, it showed message that the 10 digit T-Mobile number is wrong or NOT-RECOGNIZED !!! but thats what we were given when we ordered SIM in your/TMobile's prepaid website !!!  very very strange !! !! !!


              Online signup,login,etc attempts were tried/made from Firefox web-browser v56, and v61.0.1 on macOSX based computer, we also tried T-Mobile app on the Android phone (for one of the account), we also tried Firefox v61.0.1 from Windows10 computer. All shown almost similar (but not exactly-same) error/result/messages.


              So we came to this subdomain website to signup & look for online support, the registration/signup succeeded for one of those TWO accounts (which is for the T-Mobile HotSpot device), but still with some type of errors.


              Our both device finally started to WORK (that is, devices have finally shown "T-Mobile" signal & word, instead of nothing or "No signal") around (more or less) 2 days earlier from now, ("now" means when i posted this message here in this tmobile support/forum). Both received text/sms info from T-Mobile, displaying/confirming the pre-assigned phone-number and T-Mobile account's associated/linked email-address.


              So then, i+we again tried to register/SignUp many times for those TWO tmobile-SIM accounts using account's designated/linked email-address or assigned-phone-number. Various errors/messages were shown to me/us, (one of the common error message was that, the typed/provided T-Mobile's phone number is not a correct number or not recognized !!! ) , but ultimately TMobile online signup system at one point allowed to proceed little further : it accepted the same phone-number, and also auto sent a free SMS with a code-number in it, & asked me/us to get/enter/verify it into online, in order to verify the phone-number/account, When me/we entered the Text/SMS code from received Text/SMS into TMobile online, then website shown error message similar to what the original-poster has shown !! (see below)


              in my/our case, Error message is shown here:

              where MMM is the prefix-code after the area-code "213", & the PPPP is my/our phone-number, & N digits appear to be hex-digits.


              And exact ERROR MESSAGE IS/WAS:


              "Oh no!

              You are not authorized to access this account.

              If you are the account owner, please dial 611 from your T-Mobile phone or 1-877-778-2106 from a non T-Mobile phone.

              You can also use one of the links below to continue:

              Our home page

              Shop our online store

              My T-Mobile

              Contact us"


              in one of the last phone-call (next day of the 2-1/2 hours long call), your/TMobile rep/agent told me/us that, for one of our account they created a ticket, but we were not given the ticket code !! even after asking for a ticket/reference/etc code, we were not given a code ! ! instead we were told by TMobile rep/agent that this problem was noted & entered into the TMobile PrePaid Support Dept's computer system for "higher level" agent/rep to fix, and that they/TMobile may/will need to delete the tmobile account from PREPAID subdomain section of the website, and then inform us to allow to re-create/re-signup an account(TMobile-ID) again in PREPAID subdomain website with same designated/linked email-address, which was also used in SUPPORT subdomain (without deleting SUPPORT subdomain's tmobile account).


              Thanks in advance, for your any helpful response+solution.

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