Tracking a problem


    I suggest a better method for customers to track a problem that does not get resolved in the same conversation, be it via chat or on the phone.

    I recently switched from AT&T to this service. Because I tried to keep the same cell phone number, the port Inn procedure never did work. I was able to make calls and send and receive texts after the SIM card was put in. However, I could not access the internet. After 6 days and five separate attempts with tech support the problem was only corrected once I had asked for a different cell phone number.

    After each attempt, I had to give the same information over as well as the background on the previous attempts. A work order number might help this because each new conversation was begun from scratch with no idea of the history. What do you think?

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      • tmo_lauren

        Re: Tracking a problem

        Hey there!


        We can certainly pass that feedback along. I know for channels such as T-Force (found on FB and Twitter) they should have the entire history available right there for you, minimizing what is asked. That said, that should certainly be the experience across all channels.


        We'll certainly have your experience passed up in the hopes less people have to encounter an issue like this in future.