Where are my sprint phone I sent to your warehouse?


    I sent 3 iPhone 8 plus phones back to your warehouse, using your shipping label on June 18th, 2018.  I have proof the box was signed for at your warehouse in Coppell TX on June 21st at 10:05am.  I have called customer service weekly and continue to get the runaround.  Several times I was promised a call back and never received one.   No one can provide an answer or solutions.   Please do something different than pawning me off and fix this. 


    Sprint just charged me $1,801.05 for those phones that you said you would pay for.


    Where are those phones and when are you going to pay for the $1,801?

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      • tmo_lauren

        Thanks so much for reaching out, I'm sorry to see it's for such a negative reason.


        This certainly is not the experience you should be having, we shouldn't miss call backs. It can take some time for the devices to get checked in, but if you are being made promises it sounds like fulfillment should have already happened. I can't access an account directly through here, but you can message T-Force on FB or Twitter. T-Force is great with follow up and will have a record of everything promised available to whomever is working with you! You can find links in my signature to them!