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    I got in on a BOGO Apple Iphone offer in April 2018 ( I left Sprint to come over to Tmobile) . I got my phones in the mail, however there was no shipping label in box for me to mail in my trade in. I went online and completed my rebate form, meanwhile I had several phone calls and messages in to Tmobile to get an air bill. I checked the status of my rebate, and I was denied. So ,I called t mobile to find out what I could do, they told me to resubmit my rebate, and they finally emailed me an air bill. The customer service rep assured me that once I sent my phone in, I should recv my rebate visa card soon. They told me to wait 4 weeks and check status. So I waited, and checked status....denied again... so I called Tmobile again, they asked me several questions, I gave them tracking, and they told me that the air bill was incorrect. they said my phone was sent to repair facility, instead of rebate facility... At this point, I dont really care where my phone is. I sent it in, and they lost it. They put a tracer on it, and couldn't locate it... They have another tracer on it and a rep is supposed to call me today or tomorrow.

    Side note. I asked the rep when I send my phone in, how will they know that the phone I am sending in belongs to me, he assured me they could track it by tracking number. I also put in a copy of my rebate form with my rebate ID.  I left sprint because of this type of business practices...And now as a new customer I am having to deal with this.....

    I am beyond frustrated at this point. This is a 700.00 gift card, that I  was counting on. What are my options here? Please help.

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      • tmo_amanda

        Re: Lost trade in  phone

        Hey, magenta5475530!


        I completely understand why you're frustrated. Not only have you put a lot of time and effort into getting your rebate card, but you're also waiting on $700. This isn't the first impression we wanted to make but let's get this straightened out. Knowing what you've been through and the info you've already sent in, my best recommendation is to contact T-Force via Facebook or Twitter. Send them a private message (you can post the same thing you wrote here), they'll verify your account, then start digging to locating the device to qualify you for the rebate. Get in touch with them and keep me updated, please!

        • magenta5475530

          Re: Lost trade in  phone

          A team member called me back from the rebate dept. We connected with Customer service, and they approved my rebate. I assume they indeed find my phone I sent in. I just checked my rebate status, and it shows approved. They said my rebates should be mailed within the next two weeks. I will continue to monitor. I will update when I get my rebate.

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            • tmo_amanda

              Re: Lost trade in  phone

              Phew! I'm sure you'll be able to breathe a sigh of relief once you have that card in your hand. Thanks for updating us with the good news. I'm going to go ahead and mark your answer as correct since it may be a few weeks til we hear back from you. Don't worry - I'll still be around though!

            • nickjr1987

              Re: Lost trade in  phone

              I am currently experiencing a similar situation with T-Mobile strong arming me in my contract. I recently upgraded from my iPhone X - to the new 10s, I know...... incredibly dumb idea. Now after receiving my phone in the mail and transferring all my dat, contacts, photos, etc etc, I went to my local store and initiated a trade in. 3 months later I am still getting charged for my device!!!! The imei search says my phone is still active!!!! T-Mobile is currently doing an imei research as we speak but I am not going to hold my breath on this one. I never have any problems upgrading. This is my first ever problem upgrading and it’s extrwm frustrating paying for 3 phones when I only have 2. If this continues I will be switching carriers extremely soon. This is beyond ridiculous at this point.