Error in running command


    Recently when I reply to an email using Outlook on Iphone 7 I get this message - "Error in running command .Restart Outlook".

    Then I close Outlook and start over. Then I get the message that the operation failed etc.

    Any suggestions ? Thanks

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      • tmo_marissa

        Re: Error in running command

        Hmmm -- I've never had that happen personally; but generally speaking with third party application error messages I would try to clear any cached data (if that's an option) and then maybe uninstall/reinstall if that still wasn't helping. With Outlook specifically, I think it's also worth asking if you're using corporate email on your phone with any kind of security software? If there's some additional credential involved, and an uninstall/reinstall doesn't help, then I would try contacting your IT team to see if they have suggestions -- it might be an issue with something on the back end and not an Outlook problem!

        • tmo_chris

          Re: Error in running command

          Just checking in here to see how things are going. Did you still need any help with this?

          • mayer0082

            Re: Error in running command

            To find out whether or not the problem is due to your email server, try to open your email account through webmail then create a test email to send and receive through webmail. If you can successfully send and receive emails through webmail, it means that the problem is either on the Mail app or iOS device you are using. Otherwise, you’ll have to deal with email client or server issues first. If you have confirmed that the problem is not on your email server, then troubleshoot the Mail app and your iOS device.

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