6th LG V10 Dying


    As the subject says, I'm on at least my 6th LG V10 and it's failing exactly the same way that the previous ones died. For the love of god, can you please stop replacing these cruddy phones with the same phone and replace it with something that's actually fit for the purpose.

    I'm not particularly hard on these phones, but over time they exhibit the same issues every single freaking time. First, they stop connecting to networks properly, then they start to get hot, have terrible battery life and eventually they just out right die. At this point, my phone is getting less than 5 hours before it needs to be charged and I've been charging it for a half hour now and it still doesn't have enough power to start.

    Do the right thing, stop replacing these obviously defective phones with the same defective phones. I don't think I've had any of these phones that lasted much past 6 months.

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      • tmo_lauren

        Re: 6th LG V10 Dying

        Six device deaths is certainly a ton. Hm. This doesn't seem to be recognized by LG as a known issue, which means it's not being reported in a large enough percentile of devices to be listed as such.


        Have you tried running the device without any third party apps temporarily to see if it happens even when the phone has a clean slate?



        • magenta5489777

          Re: 6th LG V10 Dying

          This is a known problem, LG is currently being sued over it. I  haven't received an offer for a settlement check, so I'm guessing that this is still ongoing.


          It's got nothing to do with my apps, this is clearly a hardware problem. Apps might impact battery life, but they don't explain why the hardware refuses to connect to networks, can't switch between networks without going through airplane mode and why it takes so long to charge.


          What's more, the battery life indicator in the phone itself shouldn't be going from 30% to turned off in a matter of moments. And the battery life when the phone is charging while turned off should roughly match the percentage that the phone shows while turned on.

          Within the next few weeks the phone will die due to the chips finally unseating far enough that they don't have any connection yet giving me the boot loop, if even that much.


          Maybe the employees at the retail location I went to were just trying to be nice, but I definitely got the feeling from them that this wasn't some sort of random occurrence. I've already spent a ton of money on this that I wouldn't normally need to have spent, plus every time these defective phones die I wind up without a phone for a few days when I'm waiting for a replacement to fly in.


          This fall when the new Android devices are released, I will be buying something else, but in the mean time I really can't be without phone service when my phone ultimately dies.