Anyone else experiencing low batt life after S8 upgrade?


    I'm running out of battery mid afternoon whereas I used to make it all the way to evening, with normal usage. It seems high for some reason.

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      • tmo_lauren

        Hey there!


        Thanks for reporting your issue, that's certainly no good!


        Have you tried a master reset on the device? We often see that fix any hiccups post update.



        • tmo_mike_c



          Have you tried Lauren's suggestion? Please give us a reply and let us know how things are working.

          • nuggetthebeagle

            I am also having the same issue on my Galaxy S7 since last week's Oreo update... along with a few other technical difficulties & it's making me rethink my commitment to android devices all together now & T Mobile brushing everyone off to the manufacturer's of the devices as their answer to all complaints from this update & as usual I'm not seeing many actual answers from T Mobile that have actually worked yet. I've gotten that same excuse as others which was contact the manufacturer & T-Mobile's customer support or tech support being basically useless & have 0 answers to any problems! I hope this is something that we can figure out have you tried going into your device maintenance app to see what is going on maybe in the background that could be draining your battery life faster than before? Maybe it was an update to an app you have installed?? Good luck?