WiFi calling has stopped working on iPhone 7


    I've been having problems with my WiFi calling on my iPhone 7. Since changing my home's WiFi password about 3-4 months ago, my WiFi calling has stopped working. I've contacted customer service, Apple tech support, switched to airplane mode, done a factory reset, network reset, made sure my E911 address is updated, checked my home's internet connection. Nothing has worked. I have even contacted my home's internet provider and reset the connection with no positive result. Because of this, I can't use the WiFi connection on my phone and have spotty service online without it. The WiFi calling only works when I'm not at home. Is there anything else I can do to get it to work? It's not a game changer for me, I love my service otherwise, just more of an annoyance and inconvenience when it comes to downloading or installing updates to my phone while I'm home.

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