T-Mobile customer service or store cannot help me with my problem


    I could not find an email contact information for T-Mobile, so, I am posting my problem here.


    I have a problem that I have been trying to resolve. I have gone to the store, called the store, and, called the customer service multiple times but have not made any progress.


    On June 18 2018, I went to the T-Mobile Store to pay off my iPhone. I gave the store representative the phone number for the phone I wanted to pay off, and paid the requested amount.


    After a week I called the T-Mobile customer service to unlock my phone and found out that my phone had not been paid off. It was because a different phone on the same account had been paid off. I do not know how this happened, I assumed the phone number would be enough to find which phone needed to be paid off because the store representative did not ask for any additional information.


    I called TMobile customer service to find out what can be done to solve this. They said if I went to back the same store where I paid of the store in 30 days, they will be able to refund the amount I paid, and, use that money to pay off my phone.


    After that, I went to the store in Auburn, WA (which is about 45-50 minutes drive from where I live depending on the traffic). There I was told that the representatives could not help me because their store manager was not there and they needed him to be there to try to help me. The store representatives took my phone number, and said they would talk to their Manager, and, call me back.


    Going to the store became a waste of my time (2 hours) and a long drive. If the customer service representative had told me on the phone about the manager needing to be there, I would have checked this before going.


    I waited for the representatives to call me but, I did not hear from them. I called the store and again explained my situation, the representative said their manager was busy, took my phone number, and, said that he would ask him to call me back later. Again, I did not hear back from them. I have called the store a few more times after that, but, I have not been able to get in touch with the manager or get help from anyone until now. I do not want to make the long drive to the store because I am worried my problem will not be solved and it will again be a waste of my time.


    Since this is not my mistake (I have no idea why the wrong phone got paid off) and I am unable to get this resolved I would really appreciate it if someone else could look into this and help me get this resolved.


    I only have the funds to pay off one phone at the moment, and I need to unlock this phone soon so it can be used outside the country. 

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