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    I have tried to not have to take anymore time out my day to reference my dissatisfaction with T-Mobile. I do everything right by them, pay my bill on time each month, so there is really no need to converse. Recently T-Mobile implemented the military program where families can receive a percentage off their bill. My wife had an account, but was not a service member, so we had to do a "Change of Accounts " where I would be the primary account holder. The way this was supposed to work should have been simple. All services we had should have been transferred with no issues. Issue #1. The accounts never transferred properly. My wife was stuck with an account charging the total cost of the EIP balances for the phones and the new account had the services for all our lines. This meant we received two bills, one by which was extremely high because the one that kept the EIP balances took off the insurance plan and made it seem as though she cancelled her service so the entire EIP balance was due. A week after that, she gets a collection notice as if we haven't been paying on this account for years. We have called T-Mobile about this issue several times over the past few months. Nothing is ever documented nor is the issue ever really resolved, which means we are constantly on the phones telling our story all over again. I feel the reps just tell you anything to get you off the phone and do nothing. Not to mention the awful language barrier.  My wife and I finally worked everything out to where the fixed the total EIP error and transferred it to my account respectively, and she only had the final bill left to pay. She made the payment from her account, but they credited my account. This resulted in more collection notices and calls. There is no one to complain to as I have spoke with supervisors over and over again. The continuous mistakes made by T-Mobile have left my trust in their ability to service me questioned. I can see further down the line getting notices from all 3 collection agencies due to T-Mobile's horrible accounting. I would really at this point prefer to make documentation everywhere as an account of this issue and my many attempts to get it resolved. I will be reporting them to the BBB as well because this has been the worst customer service experience ever.

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      • magenta1639982

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        I have been the same issue as you. I try to talk to credit card company to dispute this matter.

        By the way I have been with T-mobile for over 15 yrs.

        • tmo_mike_c

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          Wow, I really feel bad that you've gone through this. I do hope that after all that's gone on, we've taken care of your account. This is totally an opportunity where we should've done better for you, and my apologies we fell short. I can absolutely take this feedback you've given us here. I know it's up to us to square away your account and make sure you get the military discount you initially asked for. We own that, and I really wish we'd handled this for you the right way from the start. For what it's worth, we do appreciate you coming here to tell us what's happened. If you still need more help with your account, please don't hesitate to reach out to our T-Force folks using the Facebook or Twitter links below, or on our Contact Us. Our goal is to make sure you're taken care of so please let us know if there's anything we can do to assist.