GLHF - it's Video Games Day!


    Happy weekend, Community members sage and n00b, young and old! Today, July 8th, is (one of two) Video Games Day!


    We wanted to celebrate with a short blog filling folks in on our eSports involvement at E3 and upcoming presenting sponsorship of the OWL Finals MVP Award and Fan Vote -- if you haven't had a chance yet, read over that news here: Up up down down left right left right B A start! We tossed a few basic mobile gaming tips in there, too!


    But we'd be super remiss if we neglected the wisdom that exists right here, in our Community (and not to name names, but within our staff as well). Are you an OWL fanatic? Expert-level at something else? We'd love to hear what you're playing, what system you're playing it on, what your favorite hacks, tips, and tricks are -- the sky's the limit.

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