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    Going through an INCREDIBLY frustrating process over a very simple issue.

    I bought a new T-Mobile sim card to port an existing verizon number into a new PayGo plan with T-Mobile. I opened a new account online, provided my sim number, verizon account number and verizon pin for the port process. Unfortunately I had a typo in the account number and the port request did not go through for that reason. What I need done now is correct my verizon account number and resubmit the request. This is where all hell breaks lose.


    I called T-Mobile customer service. After 30 minutes on hold, I spent 30 minutes with a representative who finally said he is unable to make any changes to prepaid accounts and needs to transfer me. 30 minute wait again, and again 30 minute conversation with a new representative from the very beginning. WHY DOES IT TAKE SO LONG TO EXPLAIN SUCH A SIMPLE THING? Same end result, need to be transferred.


    After 4 such transfers (that's over 2.5 hours on the phone by this point!!!) I was given the number for the Transfer Service Specialists - (877) 789-3106. I absolutely could not believe it, but I spent another 3 hours on the phone, speaking with different representatives with exactly the same outcome. See my previous paragraph - exactly the same story, only the number I called was different. One representative said PayGo is a new plan, they only have access to edit details of legacy plans(??????). At no point was any solution offered, it was just 30 minutes of hold time followed by 30 minutes (!!!) of gathering information like phone number and name on the account, followed by "Ahh I see, this is because the port account provided was wrong (this is how I am started the conversation half an hour ago!)" followed by "Looks like we are not allowed to make changes, please hold while we transfer you..." ... and everything begins again.


    I WOULD JUST LIKE TO SIMPLY HAVE MY PORTING REQUEST FIXED WITH THE CORRECTED ACCOUNT NUMBER. I am at my wits end. I cannot bear the thought of another call to customer service after spending a total of over 6 hours on the phone just with this single question. What do I do? I am ready to give up at this point.

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      • gramps28

        Re: New Customer Number Porting Hell

        I always suggest if you have problems with the reps on the phone is to go to Tmobile's facebook page and messanger

        them with your issue and it's usually solved right away.

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        • magenta5464212

          Resolved. I finally got transferred to the right department who was able to resubmit the porting requested with corrected account number. The problem is that everything is so compartmentalized and call center tiers only know how to deal with the segment they are responsible for. There is something called "legacy prepay" and "prepay 2.0". When you call T-Mobile support (whether it's porting hotline, or general support, or 611) you get routed to representatives who only know how to deal with "legacy prepay" and after an hour on the phone and waiting their turn to speak with the supervisor they realize that and transfer you elsewhere, where the process beings from scratch.


          One time in the chain, after spending 7 hours on the phone in 2 days, one of the representatives transferred me to a group called Revelion (or something similar sounding). That's the group that knows how to deal with "PREPAY 2.0" (whatever that is) and was able to help me.


          It is easy to get upset with tier 1 call center representatives who have wasted a LOT of my time, but really - come on T-Mobile, get it together! Please make it clear where to call for various types of services, or have your representatives understand how to deal with the types of services you offer! It should not take two days on the phone to get to the right tier 1 support group for a very simple issue.

          • magenta6108800

            Re: New Customer Number Porting

            I'm having the same problem. It's still not resolved. As a customer (once this becomes activated), it's not my concern if the department is Rebellion or legacy, I need all representatives to resolve it--full stop.