Converted Tmobile Apple Watch to One Tablet Plan, data slow


    Hey guys,


    I had an Apple Watch plan and wanted to end that subscription and start a new Tablet plan but was advised by the CSR to just convert that plan over to a One Tablet plan and get issued a new SIM card.


    I received a new SIM card in the mail, called and activated the account and noticing that I get 512kbps speed only through iPhone 7 and a Motorola G5 Plus.


    Before anyone goes asking, I'm just going to be using this for data, no phone calls, I'll be getting a tablet in the very near future that I can pop the SIM in and I've tested the following.


    1) My existing Tmobile One plan (non-tablet) gives me around 22mbps on my iPhone 7 and around 12mbps on my Motorola G5 Plus (both phones factory unlocked).

    2) Tmobile One for Tablet plan gives me .5mpbs (or 512kbps) on both my iPhone 7 and Motorola G5 Plus.


    I've talked to 2 different technicians and both of them have not been able to tell me why this new plan is throttled at 3g speeds. Both have tried to reprovision the account.


    I have a feeling that this account somehow got provisioned to an older wearable plan that limits speed to 512kbps.


    I've disabled hotspot on both phones during testing, I'm not using it as a hotspot for now. I want to make sure data is fast enough on the devices before I even consider upgrading the plan to a One Plus for Tablet.


    Any help would be appreciated.

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