Jump no longer includes Lookout premium


    Today I received an email from Lookout saying my premium service has been canceled, I checked lookout and it does show it is in basic mode and to get it back I need to pay $4 a month.


    I texted and called T-Mobile and they informed me that the insurance company, Assurant has removed Lookout premium from Jump. No notice from T-Mobile or Assurant stating there will be a change, I checked my bill too and nothing!!


    I looked on line and at my account information and everywhere it says Lookout premium is included with Jump.


    Bad business


    Of course T-Mobile is willing to charge me $4 a month on top of the Jump service charge for Lookout premium.


    Not how to treat your customers.

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      • tmo_lauren

        Re: Jump no longer includes Lookout premium

        Apologies for the changes.


        We will certainly get the feedback passed along! It was initially a part of the partnership with Assurant, but as you know is not as of now, You are welcome to subscribe to Lookout Premium directly as it's not a fee we will be collecting, nor is the fee for Assurant. It's just optionally billed through us.


        If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to let us know, and as I mentioned, we will certainly pass the feedback along that it wasn't an ideal notification process.



        • biljerr

          Re: Jump no longer includes Lookout premium

          So this post is almost a year old and your support pages and lookouts website still say lookout is free to tmobile customers who subscribe to the insurance program. So is it free or not to us customers who pay $15 a month for insurance?