Who do I contact to fix an account issue?


    Hey T-Mobile,


    Who can I contact o help fix the issue below? I have tried the credit department and tons of other customer representatives with 0 luck. This is really bothering me and it's not fair as I've been with T-Mobile for 7 years. I have tried emailing John's email maybe that will work. If it can't be resolved I will be closing my account and going to Verizon








    I'm having a unique issue that's really about to take me away from T-Mobile and go back to Verizon.


    My account has been active for 6 years and 10 months now and I love TMobile but now things are changing.


    I moved to Verizon last year and closed all of my TMobile voice lines and left my tablet lines. Well I just recently decided I liked TMobile better and started transferring lines back to TMobile.


    So far I've only transfered 2 of the 4 lines because now TMobile decided to change my account to require $250 deposit per line which I have NEVER HAD THIS through the almost 7 years I've been with T-Mobile.


    I have tried calling at least 6 times and spoke to multiple representatives with no luck. Everyone's giving me the walk around and telling me it's because of all different reasons. I'm told it's because I have bad credit yet they told me my credit was ran almost 7 YEARS ago and I was approved with no security deposit and no down payment on phones. Then I reached someone higher up in the credit department. They told me it's because in 2012 I had a TMobile dealer account(I used to work for TMobile) that supposedly I didn't pay the last bill. I did pay the last bill of 74 something on a payment arrangement however the rep is telling me it went to collections. I told her it was paid and never went to collections and TMobile is more than welcome to run my credit report and see for themselves. She informed me they can not rerun my credit unless I close the account and reapply in 3 months.


    Nobody is willing to move this to someone higher up and if this can't be resolved I'll have to go back to Verizon. I don't think this is fair at all especially being here for almost 7 years. They did tell me with 12 months of on time payments I'd get the deposits back and the security deposit for future lines would be canceled. I don't agree I've been here for 7 years and now I need to be here for 8 years to get my account back to where it was? I've averaged 3 lines of these 7 years so TMobile has made alot of money from me.


    Could you or someone please just fix my account so I can stay with T-Mobile and have my account back to normal? It can't be hard to just delete the deposit requirement. I mean I still get $0 down on phones and a $2100 credit limit for devices. Only thing that changed recently is I'm required to make a $250 deposit on every line.


    Guess it comes down to how important is it for you to keep a 7 year customer? Will you delete the requirement or do I need to leave TMobile forever?


    Thanks For You Time,


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      • smplyunprdctble

        To me, it sounds like you should be brought back as an existing customer. 

        Try contacting T-Force on Social Media to see what they can do.

        • tmo_chris

          Re: Who do I contact to fix an account issue?

          Hey there How did things go with T-Force?

          • mfoster978

            So I got a response back and was shocked. My account used to allow 5 voice lines and now it was upped to 12 voice lines. According to the rep I now only need to pay a security for any lines over 12 which would NEVER happen lol. That's alot of voicelines!


            I'm shocked! Not only did they fix the whole deposit issue they bumped me from 5 to 12 approved voicelines!


            They also bumped my $2000 credit limit for financing devices to at least $3000. Couldn't get an exact amount from the rep but still awesome news.


            Now that's how you take care of a valued customer! Thanks T-Mobile definitely not going back to Verizon now!



            As far as not getting a call back from the Senior Executive I'm sure she will call me back it was a direct office number in Washington. I'd post the number here but it's useless without an extension number. I sent an email to John(you can find his email everywhere) and I got a response back the next day from someone else claiming John forwarded it to her. If you guys want to know who the call goes just let me know and I'll post back here. Granted at this point I don't have an issue anymore.





              • tmo_mike_c

                Re: Who do I contact to fix an account issue?

                Wow! That's super awesome news about your account! I know that's gotta feel great! So many lines!!! I'm stoked the deposit was taken care of too. You don't need to post the number or anything like that. I just wanted to make sure you've been taken care of and get an update on the rep that's reaching out to you. Thanks for giving us another chance to help.

              • mfoster978

                I wanted to post here one more time.


                I received the phone call from the executive office this morning and they were the ones who fixed the issue.


                I know alot of you don't want an email to contact but TRUST ME THIS WORKED. I'll post John's email here just send an email if you have a big issue that you can't get anywhere with.


                Of course don't send them messages that a rep can't fix I recommend only using this if you absolutely need to. Like I said I can confirm this method worked for me when nothing else did! I called tech, credit, regular reps everything I even tried tforce on both Facebook and Twitter with no luck with my particular issue. Emailing was the ONLY thing that worked to completely fix the issue!


                Send an email to John at john.legere@t-mobile.com the email will most likely get forwarded to someone else in the executive office. Give it a day or two for someone to reply back and they will send you the phone number with the extension number.


                Let me know how it works for you guys.


                My issue is now resolved.