Get out of the RED promotion


    I submitted my Get Out of the Red application over the phone and an agent successfully processed it. On the phone I was told I would receive a text with a link to a virtual card to pay my Verizon phones off. I was happily surprised I didn't have to wait for the mail and asked the agent to confirm that. I was told yes I would receive virtual cards not cards in the mail.

    However the text I received didn't have a link to a vitrual card. It sent me to the switch2 tmobile site, which had no information other than acknowledging I was in process. When I called the phone number that was in the text an automated attendant said my cards for two phones were mailed on July 3 and that it could be up to 14 days before I receive them.

    So I have two contradictory messages from T-mobile. Am I getting a virtual link to a card or cards in the mail?

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