Replacement phone issues


    To preface this discussion, I have been a TMO customer for over a year with 5 active and insured lines of service and not a single missed payment.


    My wife's phone went on Wednesday July 4th 2018 and we immediately called customer care who informed us we would have to wait for them to ship a certified pre-owned S7 to the store. No big deal. We get the call Friday that the phone is ready and we get to the store with no issues. The rep immediately pulled the phone out and replaced the SIM card, tested it and we paid the $5.00 warranty exchange fee and were on our way. We had full trust in TMO that the phone was functioning properly.


    Upon using the phone at home, we were unable to make any calls or send texts. We called customer care immediately and I spent a long hour with tech support tweaking settings. The phone would not activate. After being escalated to Tier 2, the rep determined the IMEI was blocked due to fraud or something similar. BIG ISSUE TMO failed to see. At this point, I was very cooperative and ready to come to a solution.


    At one point the rep suggested I buy a brand new phone, return within 14 days while they ship another one... Mind you, it's Friday and even an overnight service would not get us a MUCH NEEDED phone until Monday. Unacceptable. At this point I ask for a supervisor which they make it extremely difficult to get a hold of and try to deter you as much as possible. The supervisor finally states after another 45 mins of holding/talking/waiting that if the phone is not unblocked tonight (Friday) that I could walk into a TMO store and get a new one (Sat).


    Come Sat (this morning), the phone is still not functioning and an IMEI check on the TMO website results in saying the IMEI is blocked due to unpaid account. I call customer care AGAIN and we determine the new SIM card number is not reflected in their system. This is updated and the phone halfway works.. It's only receiving 2G and I wasted even more time running through technical tests and settings. I get a call back from the rep after a tower reset and the issue persists. He proceeds to argue with me for 5 minutes when I ask for a supervisor. I was told the supervisor would call me back and it's now been over an hour that I have been waiting.


    It's evident the phone I was given under warranty has issues and the block should have been recognized immediately and I should not have been able to leave that store with the obviously UNTESTED device.


    I travel often for work and my wife stays home with the kids, we rely on TMO to keep us connected and they are failing on their end. I'm looking for a creative solution to this problem. What is TMO going to do to stand by their loyal customer? I'm ready to jump to another carrier and ensure I spread the word of this horrible experience on every avenue possible...

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      • gramps28

        When you're having a major problem I direct people to Tmobile's facebook or twitter accounts and have

        T-Force help.

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        • tmo_chris

          Re: Replacement phone issues

          My goodness magenta2008820! I am so sorry that you have had to endure this issue that should have never happened in the first place. It was definitely a ball drop to replace your phone with a device that did not work. I know it has been a couple of days since you posted this and I hope that by now we have gotten things sorted out for you. If not, gramps28 suggested T-Force (Facebook or Twitter links in my signature), they will be able to take a look at what specifically happened here and work towards a lasting resolution with you.