I'm so frustrated with T-mobile


    I have been trying to get my refund for over two months now. I've been on the phone for hours since May with several reps and managers trying to get this problem resolved. I purchased 2 phones online, and my kids let me know I ordered the wrong ones. So we took them in to the store and bought 2 more phones. I was told to return the other 2 by mail. The customer service in the store was great! They even got me a return label and warned me that there may be a delay in my refund due to a distribution location change - but the delay wouldn't be more than a couple of weeks. This was back on Aprill 9th. I returned the phones by mail the next week and received notice from UPS that the phones were delivered and signed for by May 9th. It's now July 6th, and I have not received a refund for the phones. I'm fuming! I've been with Verion for 5 years and thought we'd try T-Mobile since I have a large family with 6 lines. I'm so frustrated with my situation. Who can I get immediate help from?

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      • tmo_mike_c

        Re: I'm so frustrated with T-mobile

        Getting this sorted out is super important to us. I'm sorry this hasn't gone very smoothly for you, but I believe this can be escalated. In order to do do this you'll wanna give our T-Force team a shot at this. You can even link them to this thread so they know what's going on. They can be reached through the Facebook and Twitter links in my badge or on our Contact Us. Please give them a chance to help you with this.

          • hellolisarandall

            Re: I'm so frustrated with T-mobile

            Hi. Thank you so much. It has been escalated since early June. Each representative I talk too let's me know, and each one says "Please be assured that your matter will be handled...I am taking ownership of this account..." I am not wealthy. $200 to me is important. I'm feel like I'm being robbed.