My voice mail list is empty today.  ???


    It should have tons of voice mails, What's up?

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      • tmo_chris

        Well that is odd. Are all of your voicemails gone? What happens when someone leaves you a new voicemail? If you call 123 from your phone, do you hear that you have all of your voicemails there?

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        • tmo_mike_c

          Did you still need help with this? Have you had anyone leave you any new voicemail messages to see if they show up? Please keep us posted. Thanks!

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          • tmo_marissa

            Good morning, shakennotstirred! Sorry if we're spamming you; we just want to see how things are going with this disappearing act your voicemail pulled. Have you made any recent account or number changes that might have impacted your voicemail? Is your issue just with voicemail showing up in your VVM app; or are they gone from your mailbox as well? Have you had a friend leave you a test message -- did that appear?
            Lastly, we do have some steps here that might help if your trouble fits into one of these categories! Voicemail troubleshooting

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              • shakennotstirred

                Well, this is embarrassing. I checked voicemail on my phone the next day and there were not any. It is very unusual for me not to have any voicemails, so I didn't think to just check my phone when I did not see any on the website. Sorry for the false alarm, and sorry for not reporting back sooner. My bad x2. At least I am not the kind of person who begins by saying something like "T-Mobile is a bunch of idiots."


                By the way, I still do not have any voicemails, either on the phone or website. Very, very unusual, But I am not declaring an emergency just yet. I will have someone call me and try to leave one.


                A big "Thank you" to all who answered.

                  • tmo_marissa

                    So, first things first -- no harm done and no need for embarrassment or apologies! I'm so glad you've come back to let us know -- but definitely want to make sure that a test call does present an opportunity to leave a voicemail, so please keep us posted!


                    FWIW, even those folks who start their posts with "T-Mobile is a bunch of..." usually have a reason to be frustrated; so we do our best not to take it personally! We're here to fix problems when we can!


                    Thank you for replying! Please let us know how the test call goes!

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                      • shakennotstirred

                        Hi Marissa! YAAY, I finally got a voicemail! Now the only mystery is why nobody calls me anymore, but that's a bit outside the scope of T-Mobile Support. Maybe some consumer data mill noticed my reduction in spending habits!


                        You are kind to be so understanding of the people that presuppose T-Mobile messed up. I know from experience that customer service work can be rewarding, or it can be nightmarish. It depends on who is on the other end, and the attitude you bring to the job. Obviously, you bring the right attitude.


                        That said, I haven't always been happy with T-Mobile, but I always give the company and its reps the benefit of the doubt going in. Even when faced with a complete inability to help me, I thanked the person who tried. I let my dissatisfaction with the company, be known, and thanked the PERSON who partnered with me to work through it.


                        If a customer can type. "OK, I found it," they can type "Sorry, thanks!" (This statement is intended more for them than for you.)


                        And since you say apologies are not necessary, then I will just say "Thanks again!"

                          • tmo_marissa

                            Yaaay indeed! It's an odd thing to say, but I'm so glad you got a voicemail!
                            No one calls me much these days either -- here's to our mutually voicemail-less lives and slightly larger bank balances!


                            I sincerely appreciate all of your kind words, and I know any representative (not just of our company; but everywhere in this service-based economy) would appreciate your attitude. I hope you won't be a stranger!