Triplicate Text Messages


    I recently switched to a new phone, it's the same model Windows phone that I already had, a Lumia 520.

    All of my text messages come in two or three times each, within seconds of each other.

    I never had this problem before and it's really annoying.

    Why is this happening?

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      • tmo_marissa

        Re: Triplicate Text Messages

        Yikes, allheart55! I'm sure you're happy to hear from your friends & family -- just not three times.

        For an issue like this, we'd recommend following these Duplicate Message troubleshooting steps. I know a few of the steps there pertain primarily to Android and iOS devices, but the general tips (check storage, remove additional messaging apps -- including FB message, delete messages and message threads, etc) can still help!

        If you don't see any improvement afterward, then we would want to have you Contact Us with time stamps for recent triplicate messages from the past 24 hours so that we can get a ticket filed and our engineers can run traces to see what is happening on the back end!

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        • allheart55

          Re: Triplicate Text Messages

          Thank you for your reply, Marissa.
          I don't have any messaging apps and I have already tried the steps pertaining to Windows phone, with the exception of deleting message threads.
          I will try that now and see how it goes.


          Thanks again!