unlock phones that got locked again


    i have two phones that are paid off and were unlocked. my samsung galaxy grand prime for 1 year anfd mt husbands phone LG sytlo for one month. i switch carriers and the internet didnt work. i called support and the had me do a master reset and it did nothing but relock my phones. they said they dont know what happen and i will get an email with an ulock pin. i told them that my phones dont unlock with pins, but they promised thatit would work. waited for the email 24 hrs later i got it and it said the the provider doesnt have the pins and i have to talk the support. i called back and they said the same thing, and itold them that we alright did that and they said to go to the tmoblie store. and i said that i am have right now the the store has nothing to to do the unlocking phones that is customer

    services job. and they gave my the same crap about the pin and to wait and then they hang up on me. i ask the store if the can look up my phones and see if they are still unlock and the said that they are unlocked in the files. I need help from some in the united states who knows what i am trying to say and knows what they are doing.   thank you



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