Data pass not working


    Hi, I added one week data pass to my pay as you go plan. The internet service was fine after setting up in Los Angeles. It was not working in Vegas I went to the next day. It was fine again when I came back to LA last Monday. Please advise what happened. Thanks.

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      • tmo_marissa

        Re: Data pass not working

        Hmm -- that is super strange, swchaocc! I took a look at our outage alerts from last week and I don't see any outages listed for the Vegas market. I'm glad that your data pass is working again now, but I totally understand wanting to know what happened! Is this the first time you've traveled out of your home area with a data pass on the line? Were your symptoms slow internet, or a complete lack of any data service?

          • swchaocc

            Re: Data pass not working

            Hi Marissa, Thank you for your prompt response. It is the first time I traveled out of my home town with data pass on the line. I believed the internet was pretty slow when I got connected some time. I got response from some simple web and no response from complicated web.  Most of the time I didn't get any response from the web. Thanks.