LG G6 contacts only partially synching


    Just purchased a brand new LG G6 with Android 8.0 (Oreo) on it but from the very beginning the Contacts on the phone have not fully synchronized with my gmail contacts.  Out of the 500+ contacts on my Google contacts, about only 150 get added/updated.  I have forced the phone to synchronize with my Gmail contacts but it still does not update despite repeated attempts over the few days I have owned it.


    Has anyone experienced this problem and did they have a fix?



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      • tmo_lauren

        Hmm, have you ensured all of the contacts are synced on gmail itself? We most commonly see this issue when customers have a greater number of contacts on their previous phone but don't realize that some are on the device locally, and not all on gmail! You should be able to view contacts through gmail itself!



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        • tmo_amanda

          Happy Monday, magenta5412181!


          Have you had a chance to read over Lauren's reply? Making sure the contacts are synced to GMail is definitely the first thing to check.

          • magenta5412181

            Thanks for the response but unfortunately the contacts still are not synching.


            I have done all the following but with no success. 

            1. Ran the "Sync Now" under the account.  Email, calendar, etc. all synchronized but the contacts attempted to sync but did not succeed.
            2. Installed Google Contacts app from Playstore (not the the default Contacts that comes pre-installed with the LG G6) and forced it to sync but that made no difference. 
            3. Went to the App manager and cleared data and cache for Contacts and Contacts Storage, then forced a Sync but that still only brought back a partial list
            4. Deleted my gmail account and recreated the gmail account and re-sync but only a partial list of contacts was rebuilt.  The end result is I am still stuck with only 150 out of 460 contacts brought over
            5. One thing I noticed is only contacts without a gmail address have been brought over each time
            6. For another test, I created a new contact using the LG G6 but that did not sync over into my Gmail contacts.  Similarly, I created, edited, and deleted a contact via Gmail contacts but those changes did not carryover into the G6 contacts.


            Are there any other suggestions?


            Thank you

            • magenta5412181

              Lauren - from my desktop I check my gmail and contacts and I compare that with the contacts on my older phone and they match.


              Even if we don't worry about the previous contacts from the old phone, the fact that I create a new contact either through the phone or desktop computer gmail contacts, they do not carryover into the other, which they should when they sync, correct?


              For example, if i create Lauren in my phone contact and force a sync with my gmail account you would expect Lauren to appear when I check my desktop gmail contacts but it does not appear there. 


              Thank you


                • magenta2685614

                  I realize that you may have done this already but have you gone directly to http://contacts.google.com?  If the contact isn't there, it isn't synced to your account and thus will not download to your phone when you type in your information.  As far as the mechanics of syncing from the old device, I can't tell you.  I thought I synced every night but when I upgraded my device, I had at least 3 contacts I had to re-enter manually because they hadn't been saved to my g-mail account.  The only safe way is to check contacts.google.com and enter it manually THERE if you don't see it.

                    • tmo_lauren

                      Re: LG G6 contacts only partially synching

                      Sooo, I did some research and looked at a couple of things. First off, the advice above about contacts.google.com is good! Second, do you know if the contacts that aren't syncing over are just email addresses, or are they full contacts with phone numbers?


                      I was looking for other people who have had your experience, and sometimes it seems to just wind up happening but people have found a solution with these steps


                      try deleting a contact from contacts.google.com and recreating it.




                      system settings>apps. Show all then click three dots to show system apps

                      Then find contacts storage and tap that. Then storage and clear app data.