Account Fraud and no help from T-Mobile for 7 months


    On Jan 9th someone walked into a T-Mobile store with a fake passport and was trying to upgrade 2 of my lines. The sales rep caught the fraud and did not proceed with the upgrade, the rep also noted the account saying they was trying to use a fake passport. They went to another location which T-Mobile gave me the address at 880 White Plains Rd Bronx NY and a rep there I.D. # 3044845 proceeded with the upgrade. later that day i got a text from T-Mobile thanking me for my upgrade, I called immediately and was told by a T-Mobile rep Janie ID# 1213151 that the fraud was caught and no changes was made to my account. I got my bill on Feb. and she was wrong the fraud did go though and I called T-Mobile back and spoke to James ID# 187433 who adjusted my bill and put in a fraud ticket in, this went on until May every month i had to call to adjust my bill and they would put a high priority fraud ticket in and tell me the same thing (I will get a call back from the fraud department in 1 to 3 days and it never happened) at the end of May i called and spoke to a rep which i forgot to take her name but she assured me that she spoke to the fraud dept. and the phones were taken off my account. Now we in July and my bill is still crazy and the phones are still on my account i spoke to one manager and her told me i have to go to the store WHERE I DID THE PURCHASE i explained I did not it was fraud he told me that has nothing to do with him and disconnected my call. My wife called 30 min. later the rep adjusted my bill and opened another fraud ticket. My thing is how long does it take fraud to investigate this, why can they just contact the store and get a copy of the ID they used which will show it was not me nor my wife. It has been 7 months and no help i guess T-Mobile does not take fraud seriously. I have been a customer since they were Voice Stream and about 5 years ago merged the whole family into a 6 line family account, it is a shame that because of a simple investigation which T-Mobile has ignored i will be forced to now switch to another carrier.

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      • tmo_marissa

        Whoa, torresbrooklyn -- though fraud investigations can take time, on the surface this seems like much longer than a typical investigation's length should run. Because our Support Community is a public user forum, we don't have a secure method to verify your account and look over the details from here -- but at this point, with the number of fraud reports that our internal teams have advised you were filed, there should be investigation notes on your account left by the fraud department!
        Are you active on social media at all? Our T-Force folks on Twitter and Facebook do have a way to authenticate your account and review the memos. Can you reach out to us using the links in my badge below -- on Facebook, through Message, or on Twitter, through DM -- and have a representative look over the memos? Please let us know what they say!