How to get  CALL-LOG from T-Mobile? NOT from my phone!


    I am on the $3/month calls and texts only plan. I have called T-Mo 611 and people promised to get back to me - they have not.


    For the past three months something or someone has been using minutes each month on my G4 phone.


    Starting the 7th of June, I totally stopped using the G4 phone and went back an old windows phone with it's own SIM, phone number and plan with AT&T.


    The G4 has been plugged in and turned on since June 7th.


    The G4 call log on is empty and the G4 has not been physically touched.


    When I check into the on-line Account here, 7-minutes have been used. The G4 call log is empty remember, so any outgoing or incoming texts or calls being charged should be there when using minutes.


    How can I get a call log from T-Mobile to see what, who and where these calls are going to or from? It seems something on the G4 is calling home or somewhere and I would like to know to whom so I can block it, or at least have an option to Opt-out.


    Thank you.

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