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    Hello, I have been paying for hotspot service without using it for a very long time. Since, I do not use it I want to remove it from my account. Is there anyway for me to do this online? Thanks in Advance

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        Re: Remove Hotspot from account online

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        If you are on the more modern plans, such as Simple Choice or T-Mobile One plan, mobile hotspot is included in the plan at no extra cost, unless you've added extra add-ons.


        You should be able to remove plans through myT-Mobile. Log in, then go under the plan tab, and select the specific line that you'd like to modify. There is a button in magenta colour that says Manage Data & Add-Ons. If you're unable to, then you should talk to a T-Mobile rep at a store or on the phone. 611 on your T-Mobile phone.