Prospective Tm customer wants no contract phone deals


    So I'm a senior, interested in no-contract phones. What deals are out there? What are some deals and what are any fees, like activation. I want to buy a phone and pay each month w/no "gotcha's". Don't use a lot of data, want a good phone but want new & on sale. Unless refurb direct from Tm has some protection such as I can buy a warranty.


    Can't deal w/buying a smartphone w/90d (or less)  promise called a 'warranty' that equals 'send it back and we'll send you another refurb hope everything works replacement'.


    Any thoughts? Wading thru ads is killing me.







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      • smplyunprdctble

        T-Mobile doesn't have contracts.  So, any phone and any plan you want you have no contract.

        You do have the option of paying on a phone month-by-month (0% financing), with a down payment based on credit worthiness (which may or may not be acceptable because some people say it's incredulous based on their scores).  That gives a "pseudo contract" because it's a two year payment plan (which you can pay early).


        T-Mo's sales generally are buy one get one (which means two lines).  Not sure if that's in your desires for it.  Otherwise, you're looking at full price.  But, you do have the option of buying "new old stock" from other places like Amazon or that.  Or, you can bring your own unlocked device, assuming it has the bands (I use a Pixel2 from Google, but that's just my preference in device)

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        • mac29

          Thanks smply. Guess I'll keep researching where to source factory refurbs, etc. Haven't looked at phones on T-Mo site yet.


          I believe if I want to utilize 2 lines via a 2nd sim all I have to do is pay for 2 lines and then pop in another sim if my phone uses 2nd slot.



          Thanks again,